When Can I Get A Prenatal Massage?

Pregnant and wondering 'when can I get a prenatal massage?' We've got the answer for you!

So you are dealing with the dreaded pregnancy back ache and you are thinking when can I get a prenatal massage?  A massage is so relaxing, aches and pains are gone with the touch of a masseuse skilled fingers.  I am about to book one just thinking about it!  If you are wondering when you can book your prenatal massage, keep on reading.

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When Can I Get A Prenatal Massage?

Clear it with your OB

 Always clear things like this with your OB.  A massage may sound harmless, but you want to keep your little nugget safe in there and you free from aches and pains (I mean isn’t that the idea of the massage?)  If you are a high-risk pregnancy, she may have to say no.  Or, she may tell you to wait until your second trimester.  Why?  Because the risk of miscarriage is higher in the first trimester, and for this reason, many massage therapists do not offer prenatal massages until then.  Don’t worry, a massage will not increase your risk of miscarriage.

Schedule with a pro: Not just anyone can give you a massage while pregnant.  Even with the regular non-pregnant massage, there are different kinds.  You want someone certified in prenatal massages, this way they understand that your ankles will be swollen, and legs possibly tender (or completely full of fluid like mine were!). 


We all love massages (or at least I do).  I find it so relaxing and often leave in sleepy daze, muscles relaxed.  Massage therapy is actually really beneficial during your pregnancy.  It will benefit you in ways other than relaxation.  Getting massaged while pregnant with help to lower anxiety and increase sleep (which all of us moms know gets real difficult the further along you get!)  Wish that back and leg pain would be relieved for a while?  I bet you do!  A prenatal massage will help with that.

What kind of massage is safe?

You might know (or not, I didn’t) there are different kind of massages.  A deep tissue massage is just like it sounds, she will be working deep into your muscles to relieve tension.  A swedish massage will use long strokes and pay attention to joint movement.  You might want a Shiatsu massage, this involves tapping on acupressure points.  I am not so sure about this one, I feel like I might jerk around more than I want to!

Your legs are important

The one thing to be cautious of when getting a massage while pregnant is your legs (a good and professional prenatal massage therapist will know this).  Your blood volume increases to about 50% during your pregnancy, and it is not going to your legs (even though they are filled with fluid and swollen, it’s not blood).  Using deep massage on your legs could release a blood clot, and that is not a good thing.  Your legs can still get massaged, just with light, long strokes moving towards the heart.

Being pregnant is can be stressful enough, especially if it is your first.  Do not rule out a prenatal massage, you could use the relaxation (and so could your baby!)  If it is early in your pregnancy, still schedule with a prenatal massage therapist, she will know what is okay and what is not.  Discuss aromatherapy, your sense of smell (if you haven’t figured this out yet) is a little heightened while pregnant!  Something you used to love, may make you turn your nose now.

Did you get a prenatal massage?  What was your experience like?  Share with us in the comment section below!

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  1. My leg were always HORRIBLY painful while pregnant. I was never fortunate enough to get a prenatal massage, heck, I don’t even get massages when I’ not pregnant. lol

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