Baby Shower Ideas for a Truly Memorable Event

Our baby shower ideas and games will take your event from a boring day to something that everyone, including mom-to-be, will remember for years!

If you want to make your party a hit, you need some great baby shower ideas! Baby showers can be fun, and exciting with all the ooohs and ahhhhs over cute, adorable baby stuff.  They can also be not so fun, boring and stuffy.  That all depends on the games and how involved you get the guests!  If you are planning a baby shower, make sure everyone has fun (that’s what parties are supposed to be about right?)  I have compiled a small starter list of games and other baby shower ideas to help make the day enjoyable!

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Baby Shower Ideas to Make Your Party a Hit

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Name That Poop: I played this recently at a shower and we were all taken aback at first.  But it was really fun!  Take about 6 diapers and 6 different candy bars.  Melt a little of the chocolate bars in each diaper (one per diaper) be sure to keep a log, this can get confusing!  The guests pass around the dirty diapers, smell them and write down their guesses.  Have someone take photos!  These are priceless pics with people’s noses stuck in diapers!

‘My Water Broke!’: Place tiny babies in ice cube trays, fill with water and place in the freezer.  Use these as ice cubes at the party.  The first person’s ice cube to melt yells “my water broke!” and wins a special prize!  Sounds easy, but with all the fun and baby talk, many will miss this! The actually sell a “my water broke” ice-cube tray set on Amazon.

Baby Shower Ideas to Make Your Party a Hit

Books Not Cards: This is a request made in the invitation, but a great one to think about.  Instead of everyone purchasing cards (let’s face it they can be overpriced) make a request that in place of a card, everyone brings a book instead with an inscription.  You will be building the baby’s library!  I did this at my first shower and glad I did.

Bobbing For Nipples: This one is fun for everyone!  I did this at a shower for someone else, and my four year old daughter won!  Place a bunch of bottle nipples in a big bowl of water.  Guests must keep their hands behind their back and they are timed to see how many nipples they can get in the allotted time.

Don’t Say The ‘B’ Word: A classic game.  All you need is a bunch of clothes pins.  Each guest get one or two (your choice on how many chances they get).  Once it is announced, no one is allowed to say ‘baby’ and if they do, the person who catches them takes their clothes pin.  The person with the most pins at the end of the party wins!


Pick out the paper plates, napkins and wrap the plastic wear in cute ways and get the party started!  It doesn’t matter the amount of guests at the party either, just have fun!  You are celebrating a baby coming!  In addition to taking photos of the mom-to-be opening her gifts, make sure to snap some shots of the fun and games!  They will be a great addition to the thank you cards!

Have you planned a baby shower or been to one where the games were fun and memorable?  Post your baby shower ideas below!

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  1. All of my nieces and nephews are teenagers or pre teens at this point so it’s been a long time since I’ve been to a baby shower. It will be a while (I HOPE) ’til the eldest ones have babies.

  2. I absolutely love the idea of books instead of cards! They are so expensive and that money is so much more well spent going towards a book! It can still have the same sentiments written inside the cover.

  3. This is a great collection of ideas. I love “Don’t say the B Word”. I don’t think that I could win on that game though because it’s so hard to resist!

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