5 Fantastic Hollywood Movies That Tackle Teen Pregnancy

We have rounded up five fantastic movies about teenage pregnancy. These movies range from comedies to dramas with amazing stories.


Whether we are laughing or crying, movies always have a way of telling stories in ways that take us on an emotional rollercoaster. It is no surprise that teenage pregnancy would be the center of some movies with the emotions, frustrations and sometimes even humor as a teen parent brings a baby into the world. Below I have gathered a mix of movies that have teen pregnancy at their core. If you have not seen these films, there are some real gems on this list.

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5 Fantastic Hollywood Movies That Tackle Teen Pregnancy


If you missed Ellen Paige’s breakout film Juno, now is the time to catch up. Juno is a quirky and independent teenager who finds herself unexpectedly pregnant. We follow the ups and downs of her story as she decides to give birth to the baby, finds a couple through a newspaper who wants to adopt her baby and continues through the rest of her year improvising as she goes along. This film is enduring and offbeat and packed full of star cameos.

17 Girls

Whether or not you regularly watch foreign flicks, you should stop and pick up the compelling movie 17 Girls. This drama follows the story of Camille who accidently becomes pregnant. 16 of her closest friends decide to make a pact in solidarity and become pregnant also. The girls dream of all living together in a house where the children can grow up together as brothers and sisters. As the girls become pregnant one by one it throws the town into upheaval. This is a French film with subtitles. This same story was also made into a Lifetime film called The Pregnancy Pact.


Precious is a gritty drama that takes place in Harlem in New York City. The story focuses around 16-year-old teenager Precious who is abused by her mother, overweight, illiterate and pregnant with her second child that was fathered by her father. Precious often imagines herself in glamorous places to escape her life. When her principal finds out about her pregnancy, she is transferred into an alternative school where a teacher helps her to believe in herself and begin to stand up to try to escape the grips of her abusive situation. Bring out a box of tissues, this is a fantastic movie will pull at all of your emotions.


Sugar And Spice

The movie Sugar and Spice takes a lighthearted look at teenage pregnancy. The head cheerleader and the high school quarterback find themselves pregnant and are subsequently thrown out of their homes. Finding it difficult to make ends meet with a part-time job at a video store while still attending high school, Diane the head cheerleader recruits her fellow cheerleaders to help her rob a bank. This comedy has 90’s feel of the film Clueless and is defiantly a lighter movie with teenage pregnancy at the center.


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This film focuses on pregnancy at its core and is surprisingly heartwarming. A teacher in an inner-city school in Chicago suddenly finds herself pregnant. She then finds out one of the best students is suddenly pregnant. The two become very close as they progress through their pregnancies at the same time and both struggle with the balance of taking care of a new child, keeping their identity while balancing work and their other responsibilities. This is a feel good film though it has a few darker moments.

Are there any other movies about teenage pregnancy we should have included in this list? Which move above is your favorite?

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11 thoughts on “5 Fantastic Hollywood Movies That Tackle Teen Pregnancy”

  1. I remember watching Sugar and Spice many years ago, and then subsequently forgot all about it. It’s definitely within the same vein as Clueless. Now I want to watch it again! Precious was such a gut-wrenching movie, but I absolutely loved Juno.

  2. The only one I’ve seen on the list is Juno, but it was outstanding. I think it’s great to be able to have a springboard for talking to our kids about stuff like this.

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