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How to buy a used car online

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Buying a vehicle can be stressful, but when you are shopping for a quality used car, you might feel overwhelmed. Cars for sale are available on the Internet and shoppers usually use that route to save time and so they can make a decision from the convenience of their home. However, there are a lot of scam artists who will take your money and give you a junker instead of the quality used vehicle you were looking for. So Looking to buy a used car? Use common sense when shopping online and the following tips:

How to protect yourself when shopping online

  • Insurance Hunter has valuable tips on how to protect yourself when shopping for a used car online. Some things that you should do is to always buy the car in person so you can see if the car is really as it was advertised. Buyers also need to trust their instincts. If there is something that doesn’t seem quite right, if the seller is too pushy or if you are hesitant for any reason, then walk away.
  • You should never give the seller any money on the Internet no matter what they say. Many people have lost their hard-earned cash due to con artists convincing them to pay online. If they continue to pressure you, then pass on the car and continue your search.
  • One of the most important things to remember is to have a trusted mechanic inspect the vehicle before you give the seller any money. Even if the car seems to run well, it may have major problems that you may not notice, but a mechanic would.
  • I made this mistake once and I learned a valuable lesson, but lost a lot of money because of it. I bought a used car from an online ad and when I drove the vehicle, it seemed just fine. I was so anxious to get a great deal that I did not take it to my mechanic. Two weeks later I was driving and the car just stopped, losing all of the power. I am thankful that I was not on a busy freeway when it happened! It turns out that the alternator went out and the mechanic also found several other problems including cracked belts, worn out motor mounts and my transmission was on the way out. The cost to repair the car was about three times what I paid for it.

Insurance Hunters has a website and blog that provides helpful tips and advice to save you money and to help you avoid getting scammed. Buying a used car is less expensive than a new one, but you do have to be careful. Know what to look for and how to tell if you are getting a good deal. Check their website and you can get 3 auto insurance quotes in 3 minutes

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10 thoughts on “How to protect yourself when shopping for a used car online from Insurance Hunter”

  1. Oh how terrible. You have to be soooo careful. We have actually bought and sold a couple of cars online, thankfully we have always had good luck.

  2. These are some great tips for those looking at getting a used car in the near future. I have only purchased a used car once {my first car} and thankfully, I had my Dad there to make sure I took it to a mechanic, etc. It was a great car and I still miss it sometimes…Sorry to hear you had a bad experience yourself, but lessons are valuable even when learned the hard way…

  3. We just had the alternator go in our car last summer, so I know your pain. I hate old cars and wish we could drive newer vehicles, which isn’t our reality. Great tips in your post – especially taking it to the mechanic.

  4. Oh that’s horrible about your experience! It’s so important for people to follow the tips you just shared and to educate themselves on the vehicle beforehand.

  5. OUCH :( Your experience makes my heart ache! :(
    I am soooo thankful that we finally have 2 new cars…we have had enough with the used car scene. Some of the incentives now make getting a new car more affordable!

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