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While Jacob has never been active in sports, he’s constantly been engaged in at least one activity outside the home since he was about five. First it was karate, then Cub Scouts and recently, chorus. Through each activity, I’ve run into many issues where I ended up sitting outside an empty facility because I never got a message about a missed meeting. I’ve also missed really fun events because I didn’t get the “memo.”

The biggest problem with all of these activities: an unreliable system of communication. Whether it’s a phone tree or an email blast, for one reason or another, important messages weren’t reaching the right person in time. One of those times left my son standing outside at our rather unsafe bus stop for an hour by himself because I didn’t get a notice that chorus was canceled. I was livid.

Keep up with Important Updates and More with TeamSnap

TeamSnap offers a solution to the age-old problem of trying to reach all team members in an organized and timely manner. This cool app and website gives you a single spot to track EVERYTHING from who paid their dues to who’s bringing refreshments to the next practice.  Setting up an event is super easy:


Obviously, that’s not my real address, but you get the idea. Everything about TeamSnap is super intuitive. The app and website guides you through every step. No guesswork on your part. Now, say you have to cancel the event. Simply sent a text alert to everyone to alert as many people as possible that way.


Then go into your event and mark it as canceled on the dashboard. Just edit the event and click “show as canceled.” You can also opt to send emails, so you cover all your bases. The great thing is, you can do this all from TeamSnap, so you’re not opening up a thousand different programs or apps to get the message out.

TeamSnap has so many more features than just letting you schedule events and cancel them. As mentioned above, you can use it to keep track of who paid their dues and who is up for bringing snacks to practice. You can also use it as a complete contact database for all your members and for keeping track of tools or other items your team needs.


It even shows the weather in your area! Whoa! Um, I had NO idea that we were supposed to get 7-10 inches of snow this weekend. I was just being silly when I put that text alert about the snow. Oh no! I guess I better stock up tonight! Now I love TeamSnap even more, I would have been caught by surprise if not for that, since I haven’t checked the weather lately!

Seriously, though, this is such a fantastic app for anyone who participates in any group activity. It doesn’t have to be a sport! It doesn’t even have to be for kids! Even if it’s a book club, you’ll find TeamSnap useful. I bet it would be useful for party planning too. The uses are limitless.

Find out for yourself how valuable TeamSnap is to your team’s organization! Sign up for a 21-Day free trial now. No credit card required! If you love it as much as I think you will, plans start at just $7.99 a month. Pay yearly with plans starting at $59.99 and save $35.89 on the basic plan.


Check out TeamSnap and sign up for your free trial now!

What features of TeamSnap do you love the most? Tell us in the comments!

24 thoughts on “Never Miss Another Important Team Update With TeamSnap”

  1. Megan @ C'mon Get Crafty

    Ooh, I could see this being super handy!! It will only be another year or so before we are going to be juggling all sorts of activities, I am sure. Hope this app is the norm by then!

  2. I was just looking for something like this for a group I’m a part of. We were trying to find an easier way to communicate than getting caught in the FB notifications hole.

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