Sprint Family Share Pack: The Best Deal in Data #ItsANewDayForData

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In the age of smartphones, a good data plan is pretty much a necessity for families! I can’t even tell you how often I use data on my phone. From finding coupons while I’m out shopping to finding my way home when I’m totally lost, I definitely make use of my phone’s internet capabilities! When I’m not using up our data, my son is downloading games and watching YouTube videos while we’re on the go. So I NEED a good data plan!

Sprint Family Share Pack: It’s a New Day for Data

The Sprint Family Share Pack understands just how much we rely on data these days. That’s why they created this amazing plan to help you get the most out of your data while still saving you money. Get this: a family of up to 10 can get 20GB of Shared Data and Unlimited Talk & Text for only $100 a month! That’s double the data for significantly less than the cost at other companies.


Think about that: even if you only have a family of, say, 4, you’re still saving $60 versus AT&T or Verizon’s current pricing. Plus you’re getting a TON more data! That means no more checking your usage every five minutes to make sure you’re not reaching your limit.  I could actually RELAX when my son takes my phone, instead of constantly checking to make sure he’s not using too much data. If you do happen to have ten people, you’re really only paying $10 per person. That’s awesome!

Locked into an existing contract? Don’t worry, Sprint will take care of you! Just activate your number on the Sprint Family Share Pack plan and Sprint will buy out your existing contract with a Visa Prepaid Card worth up to $350.

Visit the Sprint website to learn more about the best deal in data. Get more lines, more high-speed data for a lower price. Can’t beat that, can you?

What would you do with the extra data and the savings from the Sprint Family Share Pack?

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  1. This sounds like an awesome package. I really need to get an unlimited data plan so I’ll definitely be telling my husband about this Sprint pack.

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