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I remember when I was a little girl my grandparents would go off on these amazing adventures all over the world. When they’d get back, we’d all gather around the slide projector and watch the images from places like Israel, Turkey and India. Back then, slide shows were all the rage for showing off your vacation photos. You have to admit, though, the process was a little clunky. Loading up dozens of slides, manually advancing them to the next, and hoping the machine didn’t jam was all a fact of life. Then there were the times when a slide was exposed to the beam of light too long and completely melted!

Slideshows have come a long way from our grandparent’s day! Now, with SmartSHOW Smart Slideshow Maker, they’ve come even further! I absolutely love this program! It’s so easy to create amazingly beautiful slideshow presentations out of any pictures. Plus, I can save it as a video so viewers don’t require special software to watch it.

How to Use SmartSHOW Smart Slideshow Maker to create gorgeous presentations

SmartSHOW Smart Slideshow Maker is a cinch to use, even for those who aren’t very techy. When you open up the software, you’re given the choice between creating your own presentation from scratch and using one of the predesigned templates.


I wanted to get a quick overview of how SmartSHOW Smart Slideshow Maker worked before really delving into it, so I selected a predesigned travel template.


I like the dessert theme, but it didn’t really fit in with what I was showing. It was easy enough to change it so only the first photo had that theme and the rest were just the pictures themselves. I felt the photos were gorgeous enough to be the highlight of the show!

Double-clicking on a picture brings you to a screen where you can change the properties of the slide. Add text, stretch the photo to fill the screen, fit the photo within the screen or add backgrounds to your slide with great ease.


You can also edit the effects for each individual picture, or just let the program choose which effects to use. Get fancy with the slide transitions or stick with the basics- it’s all up to you! When you’re ready to save your image, you’ll have a whole slew of great choices from which to choose! Turn it into a video that you can play online, a DVD, a slideshow presentation or even an executable file that you can play from your computer!


I opted for the video slideshow so we could upload it to YouTube. It took less than five minutes to create a fantastic video! I was so excited by the SmartSHOW Smart Slideshow Maker features that I made three more video slideshow presentations! The second time around, I created the slide show from scratch. I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the best recipes on OurFamilyWorld. Take a look at how it came out!

Imagine creating gorgeous presentations of your latest family vacation to share with friends! The SmartSHOW Smart Slideshow Maker is also great for school kids. Let them turn their next project into a work of art that impresses teachers and classmates! The options are really only limited to your imagination. We definitely plan to use this software often!

SmartSHOW Smart Slideshow Maker is available in a Standard edition for $29.99 and a Deluxe Edition for $39.99. The Deluxe Edition comes with an extra set of more than 100 slide decoration themes so you can really get creative! Both versions come with one-year free upgrades, but the Deluxe Edition also gets you access to top priority technical support.

Visit for more information. Download free trial at  and see how the SmartSHOW Smart Slideshow Maker can turn your family photos into stunning videos.


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  1. You can edit the effects for each individual picture, or just let the program choose which effects to use.

  2. firstly I like that it has a three-step wizard to get you started, I need help lol and I love that it has things like drag and drop for doing the slides and that you can dd unlimited number of photos and soundtracks. I could really have alot of fun with this and put years of family photos together in a cool way

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