Safe Drive System Helps Keep Kids Safe When You’re Driving While Mommy!

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We all know that driving while intoxicated or distracted by text messages can have fatal consequences, but did you know that “driving while mommy” is often just as dangerous? Think about it: what is more distracting than worrying about your baby in the back seat, listening to your toddler ask “why” a million times, checking the back seat to make sure your two kids aren’t beating each other senseless and so on?

Kids are distracting. It’s in their nature! They don’t realize that you need to focus all your attention on driving, especially when they’re used to having all that attention on them. Even when they’re sleeping peacefully in their car seat, you still feel that maternal drive to check on them frequently!


Think the idea of driving while mommy causing accidents is bunk? Think again! According to a study conducted by David Stray, Ph D., one of the world’s leading experts on accidents and driving safety, moms are twice more likely to crash than a drunk driver because of the distractions we deal with. The National Highway Traffic Safety Commission says that distracted moms account for over 8,000 crashes every day! That’s nearly 3 million crashes a year!

Safe Drive Systems Helps Compensate for Driving While Mommy

Safe Drive System is a rapid real-time monitor that checks for danger in your driving area 20 times per second. The revolutionary camera technology lets you know about potential danger up to 460 feet in advance. Basically, it’s a second set of highly alert eyes on the road to help compensate for those moments of distraction. It works in all types of weather, both day and night.


I was lucky enough to have the SafeDrive installed on my car as part of this promotion. Installation was a piece of cake for me! All I had to do was give directions to my house and hand over my keys! Seriously, they come to you so you don’t have to spend your day sitting in a waiting room somewhere!

I didn’t watch the whole installation procedure because I didn’t want to hover. Also, I had a lot of work to do that day. Basically, they remove your bumper (he called it “dropping” my bumper) and install some sort of sensor behind it. When he put my bumper back on, he made it tighter for me too! Apparently it was a little loose, probably from all the pot holes in my area.

He took the car for a test drive to adjust the camera settings and was kind enough to let me know that I should get my axles checked. Then he was kind enough to explain what that meant, since my knowledge of car ends at where to put the windshield wiper fluid. That’s great service!

The manual for the Safe Drive System consists of one sheet, front and back. That’s how easy it is to use on your end. Basically, it has lights and sound to alert you to danger. Green lights are good. Yellow means uh oh, watch out, while red means you better have good breaks! It’s actually a bit more technical than that, but you get the drift.

Speaking of drift, the Safe Drive System also lets you know when you’re drifting out of your lane. This State-of-the-Art Lane Drift Technology helps prevent dangerous head-on collisions.

The first time I drove in my car after the Safe Drive System was installed, I discovered that maybe I’m not as good a driver as I thought I was. I always thought I was keeping a pretty safe distance between me and the car in front of me. Apparently I’m not a good judge of exactly what three car lengths are, because my Safe Drive System told me otherwise.

In my opinion, the Safe Drive System doesn’t just alert you to potential danger, it can also make you a better driver over all. After just a few days, my driving improved to the point where I wasn’t making the system “yell” at me all the time. So not only is this perfect for those times when you’re “driving while mommy,” but it would also be great for teens learning to drive!

The Safe Drive System helps give you peace of mind while driving by reducing your chance of a front-end collision by as much as 90%. To me, that makes it worth its weight in gold a million times over. Call (800) 735 – 6055 for more information or to set up an appointment to install SafeDrive on your car!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SafeDrive Systems. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. My biggest distraction is no noise from the backseat. It always startles me and makes me check back there to make sure she’s ok!

  2. Stacey Roberson

    My biggest distracting with my son is the crying. Trying to calm him while paying attention to the road is a big challenge.

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