The New Yellow Pages App Review: Makes your Shopping Experience Way Better

A few months ago, I reviewed the Yellow Pages Shopwise app. I loved it, as it helped me save money on my holiday shopping by featuring all the interesting deals in my area. Yellow Pages released a new version of the app and I had absolutely to share my review experience with you.

By now you should know that I LOVE shopping. You should also know that I don’t like spending too much time or money on shopping. I love the satisfaction of getting something new without a hassle.  So I am always looking for deals and ways to save both time and money.  The new Yellow Pages app makes this possible.

When you are able to save money on your gas bill, find a great restaurant nearby and find all the new shopping deals in your area in just few clicks, it’s pretty amazing! Let me walk you through my shopping experience with the Yellow Pages app.

 Yellow Pages App review


  • I downloaded the Yellow Pages app on iTunes. It is also available on Google Play.
  • I signed up with my Facebook account. I love signing up with my Facebook account as it makes things easier. You can also sign up with your email.


  • Once I signed up and activated the location settings (The app won’t be efficient if you don’t activate those settings), I stumbled on the main menus. Since I was looking for our next restaurant to dine at, I clicked on the restaurant tab. But there are other businesses that you can choose from: Banks, Coffee, Pizza, Hardware, etc.


  • A list of restaurants in my area popped up. I loved that I could swipe the screen and it showed the restaurant on the map. I could refine the results by reviews, photos, videos or deals. I chose reviews. The most important thing when choosing a restaurant is the review.


  • When refined, you have a list of restaurant in order from 5 stars downwards.


  • I chose Restaurant La Perle. It had 4 stars and more than 1 person reviewed it. When I clicked on the restaurant, it gave me its information: opening hours, phone numbers, reviews (of course) and even the menu. Isn’t it wonderful? You don’t have to visit the website of the restaurant. You have everything on the app.


  • Then I tried the EnRoute Gas options. You know how gas prices are sky high in Canada and especially in Montreal. The app allowed me to find the cheapest gas station in my area. It was the one right in the corner from my street. Sweet deal.


  • Then as a good shopper, I had to check the shopping deals in the area. Otherwise I may lose my status of a deal seeker.  I stumbled on this huge deal for running shoes. They were 50% off. As I needed a new pair of shoes, it was timely. The deal provided the merchant details and I could even shop online.


  • I could even send a 50% Old Navy deal to my friend via SMS. You can also share it via email, Facebook or Twitter.


Now of course this is only sneak peek of my experience with the Yellow Pages app. I browsed for at least another 15 minutes where I found and bookmarked other deals.


Want to start finding amazing deals in your area? Visit to learn more and download the app for your device!

19 thoughts on “The New Yellow Pages App Review: Makes your Shopping Experience Way Better”

  1. I am glad they have an app because I hate having the big books. It sure would be useful when we go on road trips too.

  2. How cool that Yellow Pages finally figured out how to make their way to a cell phone. I sort of miss those big books but this is definitely much better!

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