Kindle Fire HD Review from Mom & Teen + Giveaway (Canada Only)

Thank you Staples Canada for providing me with this Kindle Fire HD to facilitate my review. All opinions are mine.


My grandfather used to say:  A book a day, keeps the doctor away. Of course I don’t read a book a day but I love reading. I can stay up until midnight reading. It is my way of relaxing and escaping. My kids are avid readers too. I  read a  bedtime story to the little one each night. I read the same young adult series that my teen reads and we have fun discussing the books together.

We go to the library on a regular basis. We are lucky to have a library only 5 minutes away. But sometimes we forget to bring the books on time and we pay those fees. Sometimes the kids lose their books and I lose my temper! So when I got the chance to try a Kindle Fire, I was excited: I won’t pay those late fees anymore. Although I like reading a print book, an eReader is pretty convenient: it is lighter than a book! If you finish a book, you don’t have to go the library to get another one. An entire library is right at your fingertips. Now Let’s see how my son and I like this Kindle Fire HD!

Kindle Fire HD Review: A Mom and Son’s Perspective

My son commutes for one hour a day, both ways. Since he loves reading, he tries to bring one book with him but sometimes he cannot because his backpack is too heavy. He kept asking for a tablet and I kept saying no because they weren’t in the budget.  So when he learned we are getting a Kindle Fire HD, he was the happiest teen on earth.

  • It has a 7″ HD LCD touchscreen display (1280 x 800 resolution; 216 ppi). It is a perfect size for reading: I can hold it with one hand easily without getting tired.  It is very comfortable.
  • It has a dual band WiFi. It is convenient if you want to download your book from Amazon or your local library. Our library offers digital versions of books and my son was able to download 1 book in a simple click.
  • Battery can last up to 10 hours in reading. This is a huge plus for my family as my son will be reading during his commute and I will be taking over the Kindle Fire HD at night.
  • It is very light  0.76 lb and it is very comfortable to read from. At first, I was afraid I would get tired reading with my Kindle Fire HD but it proved me wrong. I was enjoying the read.
  • It has parental control settings: this one of my favorite features. I can protect the Amazon account or the internet with a code so my son won’t be tempted to download any book or browse any websites that I don’t want him seeing.
  • It has many other features that you can check here.

Since I got the Kindle Fire HD, I’ve already read 2 books (in 10 days) and my son one book. I browse the popular book section on Amazon or the deal section and then I choose. I can also read samples of books before buying them, which is a huge asset. Sometimes the synopsis just doesn’t give you a good overall idea of the book’s style.

I like that I can connect my social media accounts to the Kindle as well the internet browsing. You can also connect your contacts, send emails and add notes to your calendar. My son loves the music feature. He enjoys reading his book and listening to his favorite music. You can transfer music through a USB stick and you are set.

The Kindle Fire HD retails for $149CND. It will be a great gift for the holidays: giving the gift of reading is priceless.


Staples Canada was also generous enough to provide my daughter with a backpack and a matching lunchbox. She was proud with the set. It fits her well and is comfortable for her back. Isn’t it just adorable? You can find this and so much more at Staples Canada!



Ended. Congrats to Bruce S.

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  1. I am currently reading the Outlander series and I would love to read the next book in the series on a new Kindle Fire.

  2. I would love to read my recipes on the kindle, I am gluten free & this would be perfect for all the new ones I have!

  3. I would love to finish the Anita Blake series on the kindle – I have to Obsidian Butterfly then I found it hard to find the next one… Downloading is SOOOOOOOO much easier!


  4. I would like to read “The King’s Curse (The Cousin’s War)” by Phillipa Gregory. I have read all the others in this series and love the way Ms Gregory portrays strong women’s characters.

  5. I would love to read the Lord of The Rings trilogy on the Kindle so I didn’t have to carry the heavy books around!

  6. Just one?! I’d love to continue my way through all the classics on a Kindle! I believe the larger books would be sooo much easier to read if I didn’t have to haul around a brick! I read Les Miserables a year or two ago and it was HUGE! :)

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