Tips for Keeping Connected Over the Holidays with WIND Mobile + Amazing Contest (Canada) #WINDNation


Technology is wonderful, isn’t it? We have so many more options to keeping connected over the holidays than ever before! While staying in touch with family and friends is important year-round, we all feel that pull to get a little closer during this season, don’t you agree?

Keeping connected requires a great plan. You don’t want to spend hours chatting with your great-uncle Johnny only to find out that you’ve gone WAY over your minutes! Or worse, receive 500 pictures of your way-to-cute-for-words niece and discover that, WHOA, you’ve obliterated your data plan!

The WIND Mobile Cross-Canada Plan is definitely the way to go! It is a REAL unlimited data/voice/text plan with NO hidden fees and no contract. WIND Mobile’s plan is totally transparent. NO surprises, because surprises that come wrapped in pretty paper are great. Surprises on your phone bill? Not so much! Oh, and by the way, you get ALL THAT for $44 a month!

Kimberly Moffit, a renowned relationship therapist,  has some great tips on keeping connected over the holidays, whether you’re heading to relatives houses for the big day or staying at home. Check them out!

Tips for Keeping Connected over the Holidays


Here are three fun and festive tips from Kimberly Moffit to better stay in contact with your loved ones this holiday season: 

  • Make Board Games Digital – You may have grown up playing board games with your family in front of a fireplace, but what to do when everyone lives across the country? Try different activities that can be done online like putting together a family album over Flickr or playing video “board games” like online Word Feud. You can even play remote games on systems such as Xbox Live. Playing games as a family is fun and can increase your sense of closeness during the holidays.
  •  Skype, Text and Call to Your Heart’s Content: Just Make Sure You Have a Plan: Nothing’s worse than coming home to an overpriced phone bill in the New Year. Get a great plan this holiday so you can feel comfortable knowing that you’re spending quality time without breaking the bank. For example, WIND Mobile has a Cross-Canada plan that gives you the freedom to use your phone and stay connected anywhere across the country.
  • Write Homemade Christmas Cards – In our digital age of phones and email, there’s something to be said about being on the receiving end of a non-digital form of communication. Hand writing a letter or card might take time but makes a lasting and heartfelt impression.

WIND Mobile Gives Canadians a Chance to Win a Cross-Country Train Adventure


Ready for adventure? You’re going to LOVE this contest! Between now and December 31st, take pictures of your favourite Canadian landscapes or those great hidden treasures. You know what I mean, that amazing coffee shop around the corner, the garden down the street that is just perfect for a romantic stroll, the places off the beaten path.

Share your pictures through Twitter or Instagram, or upload here using the #WINDnation hashtag for a chance to win a cross-country rail adventure on The Canadian, VIA Rail’s most iconic train! You’ll also get a Samsung GALAXY S5 and 6-months of service on the WIND Cross-Canada plan for both you and your guest! Check out all the official rules and more contest details here.

Learn more about WIND Mobile at or follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news.

How do you keep connected with loved ones during the holidays? Tell us in the comments!

This post is brought to you by WIND Mobile. All opinions are our own.


32 thoughts on “Tips for Keeping Connected Over the Holidays with WIND Mobile + Amazing Contest (Canada) #WINDNation”

  1. For our relatives that live in Italy, we phone every week. We are so lucky that the telephone rates are so cheap to phone from Canada. Our bill for long distance is only about $2 monthly.

  2. I would very much like to visit my late husbands relatives on the east coast, and this would be a lovely way to do it

  3. What a great contest! I have some family who live rather far away & I’d love to be able to connect with them more.

  4. My kids always come home for Christmas. This year we’re going to be missing one (his work won’t give him the time) so tips like this are so welcome!

  5. staying connected can be easy and hard at the same time. I seem to be more connected to family that is on the other side of the country than I am with ones that are like 30 mins away.

  6. That sounds like a fun contest. When I lived in Oklahoma the only family I had there was my mom while everyone was up here in Michigan. Not I’m here and I don’t see them near enough! Thankfully none of them live far and hubs was born and raised in the town we live in now. His parents are close as well as the rest of his family.

  7. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    That’s a fun contest. I am lucky because I am only about 20-25 minutes from most of my family, so I get to see them all the time.

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