GigaWatch Computer Monitoring Software: See Everything Your Kids Do online

GigaWatch Computer Monitoring Software

Do you trust your kids? As a mom of two teenagers, that’s a question I ask myself regularly. They have more freedom now that they are older and I’m not always around to supervise their every moment.  I like to think we raised them to make good choices but they are teenagers and that means they don’t always do what they should.  Like most teenagers, mine are often connected one way or another whether that’s to their music or online with their friends.  While we’ve had the discussion about internet safety many times, I’d like to be aware of what my fifteen year old is doing online when I’m not looking over his shoulder.  While my teens have permission to use Facebook and YouTube, that doesn’t mean that all content is appropriate for them to watch.  They know what they should and shouldn’t be doing but sometimes I like to double check. This is where GigaWatch computer monitoring software comes in handy.

Computer monitoring software
Configure your computer and set up your alerts.


GigaWatch is a computer monitoring software program that keeps track of what people are doing on your computer.  You can install it on your computer and can also install it on computers remotely.   Once it’s installed, you simply sync the computer and it will pull the information about the alerts you choose.  The program is password protected which is great because only you can access it and change the information.  My kids are pretty internet savvy but with a password, I don’t have to worry.

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Add your computer & remote computers.

GigaWatch computer monitoring software records keystrokes typed no matter what application they’re typed into and captures screenshots every few minutes to let you see what is happening on the screen.   You can set up special alerts to notify you of when certain actions happen like if  your child types in a swear word or their address and phone number.

You can also set up alerts for GigaWatch to notify you when your child tries to access adult content that is not appropriate for them. You can see how long your child is using certain applications just in case your teen has the habit of saying they are working on their homework when they are really on Facebook.

GigaWatch will let you  know what content your kids watch and then you can decide whether or not it’s appropriate.    The Facebook feature can monitor up to 64 conversation participants and display them in easy to read format. You can even monitor Skype conversations! 

See what websites people visit on your computer.

I love the variety of things that I can monitor with GigaWatch and I like that I can pick and choose what to monitor.  My son has a few friends that I am not that thrilled with and I can monitor for instances of their name if I want to in order to be aware of when he’s planning on doing something with that particular child.

I also appreciate that I can get screenshots of the activity so that if I confront him with it and he denies it, I have some sort of proof of what he was doing.  I’d love to be able to monitor two separate children for different things.  I’m not concerned about the same issues for each child so it wold be nice to be able to somehow connect each child with what they are doing.  I have no clue how that would be managed but it would be a neat feature.

GigaWatch Alert Screenshot
Gigawatch will alert you when certain words are used.

I’m not an overly technical person when it comes to installing programs and running new programs.  I tend to want to read a step by step instruction list of what I need to do.  I would love it if GigaWatch came with a ReadMe file or popup help manual so that I could figure out what I needed to do step by step.  I did figure it out basically by clicking on things until I figured out what they did.  I think, with a manual, the process would be easier for those of us who are not technical.

GigaWatch Screenshot
Gigawatch can record screenshots of what your employees are doing.

Of course, in addition to acting as computer monitoring software for your children, GigaWatch can also be used in the business world to keep track of what your employees are doing at work.  GigaWatch can let you know if they are sharing company secrets or browsing websites that may put your company at risk.  You can even  monitor whether or not they are searching for another job during work hours using your computer.

Try it:  Right now you can download GigaWatch computer monitoring software for FREE and use their 14 day trial or purchase your own copy for $44.

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  2. like that it is password protected. As far as I can tell it does just about everything. Perhaps more user friendly

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  3. It sounds great for keepng track of your kids online – sad as it is – it needs to be done – they just see way too much, way too soon. Why do they have to put porn ads on the sides of pages that children would normally go t. Games sites and tv station sites – it’s ridiculous – my son has seen more breasts online than I did before I was 30. You can’t switch it quick enough.

  4. love to know what their doing on the computer not to pry but mostly for their safety reasons. i like the facebook feature and the alert warning

  5. Thanks for sharing this…kids are just so connected nowadays! It scares me sometimes how good they are at technology type stuff! Hard to keep track of what they are doing!

  6. I like the alerts and the fact that since this is relatively new software they do plan to implement new monitoring features into GigaWatch and you’ll be able to receive all future updates free of charge.

  7. I think it is a good idea to keep track of what children are doing on computers, etc. They are children and sometimes just curious so we need to be watchful for their safety

  8. Unfortunately, it is necessary these days. A couple years ago, I never thought I would think of putting this on my kid’s computer. But it has to be done for safe of mind.

  9. Very useful and very needful software.I would use this program čotel for my young kids (17 and 10 years). Thank you for this nice giveaway and this chance! Best regards.

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