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Bing Rewards

If you’re like me, you search the internet for information an average of a zillion times a day. Okay, that’s not an actual statistic. I tried to find hard numbers for you, the best I can find is that we collectively search for about 3.3 billion things every day. I’m pretty sure I take up a good chunk of that! As a writer, I’m constantly searching for information.

About two years ago, my mom introduced me to Bing Rewards. She kept saying “you have to check it out, you get points for searching!” I admit, it took me some time to switch over. I’m a creature of habit and was using a search engine that I was familiar with. Then when my mom redeemed her points for a gift card for my son’s XBOX within just two weeks of signing up, I was sold. I’ve been a loyal Bing Rewards user ever since. I won’t search on any other search engine.

You search every day. Now Get Rewarded!

Bing Rewards gives you point for something you do every day- searching for information on the web. You can earn 1 credit per 2 searches, up to 15 a day on your PC plus another 10 a day on your mobile device. You also earn bonus points for different actions. This is what my rewards area looks like right now. I did remove my identifying info.

Bing Rewards

As you can see, I’m at Gold status, which gives me discounts on rewards. You may also notice, if you look at the “Your Goal” area, that the points required to get a reward are incredibly reasonable. I just redeemed my points two weeks ago (as of writing this) and I’m already more than halfway to my next goal.

If I could remember to do all the daily bonus points, I’d get there even faster! Almost all of my points come from just searching though, so really, Bing Rewards requires no extra effort on your part to build up those credits fast! They’ll even start you out with 20 BONUS CREDITS when you sign in with your existing Microsoft account (Outlook, Live, Skype, Hotmail or Xbox accounts), or create a new Microsoft account.

What kind of rewards can you get?

You already spend plenty of time searching the web. Isn't it time you got rewarded for it? Check out Bing Rewards and start earning points for searching!

I spend the majority of my credits on XBOX or Microsoft Store gift cards. Lately, we’ve also been getting iTunes gift cards since I got Jacob an iPod for Christmas. You can also get Amazon gift cards, cards for some of your favorite restaurants and more.

Bing in the Classroom

You can also donate your points to Bing in the Classroom. Bing in the Classroom brings the power of the Bing browser to your kids with ads, data mining or anything else that you’d rather them not be exposed to. How does it work? Take a look at a few ways that Bing in the Classroom enhances your child’s educational experience safely.

  • Ad-free search. Bing in the Classroom is a totally ad-free search experience. When teachers sign up, Bing strips all the ads out so kids can surf without distraction. To me, this is important because I’ve seen my son “wander” off on the internet when he sees an ad for something.He ends up following the ad and getting totally off track. Plus, there are just some things I really don’t want him exposed to, even if they’re totally harmless products.
  • Search Filtering. With Bing in the Classroom, you don’t have to worry about your kids stumbling across adult themes or bad words in their searches.
  • Literacy lesson plans for teachers. This is a benefit that anyone can use, even if you’re not in a classroom. Bing has great lesson plans to help both teachers and parents reinforce what they learn in school. Plans include fun, short activities to bring the lesson home, both literally and figuratively.

Anyone can donate their Bing Rewards to schools, even if you don’t have Bing in the Classroom. So you, your mom, your brother and your great aunt can all help contribute to your child’s school!

Enter cool sweepstakes with your Bing Rewards points!

If you’re feeling particularly lucky, you can use those Bing Rewards to enter some spectacular sweepstakes! The prizes change every 7-8 weeks. Right now through March, you have a chance to win any of the following:

  • 1 of 3 $500 Sephora Gift cards. The lucky winners will get to explore the largest and most diverse selection of beauty products in the world including makeup, cosmetics, skincare and other products from beauty brands like Clairsonic, OPI, Guelain and Clinique.
  • 1 of 3 $500 GameStop Gift cards. GameStop is the world’s largest video game retailer so whether you are looking to score a new game to play on your Xbox One or need a new controller, GameStop has you covered.
  • 1 of 3 Blazing fast, incredibly light, 128GB Surface Pro3 with a Surface Pro type cover. At 1.76 pounds, the Surface Pro3 has all the power and performance of a premium laptop in a thin, lightweight and modern design.
  • 1 of 3 Limited Edition Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Bundle including a massive 1TB hard drive, in game sound effects, a console emblazoned with Sentinel Task Force iconography, a wireless controller that looks like an artifact from the powerful battlegrounds of the future and more!


To enter the sweepstakes, simply click on their respective banner in the Bing Rewards “Redeem” section, then click the blue redeem button.

With so many awesome ways to use your Bing Rewards, isn’t it time you started getting more out of your searching? In case you’re wondering, Bing is a fabulous search engine. If they took away the Rewards, I’d still use it every single day.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for Bing Rewards and start earning those credits!

What will you spend your credits on? Will you go for a big win, a dining card or support your child’s gaming habit like I do? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. This is just awesome. Getting rewarded for using Search Engine is really great as everyone of us search so many things everyday. This is going to be a hit, being one of the best concept everyone would love.

  2. Might as well get rewarded for things you’re doing anyway. I was surprised when Bing came out, but now it seems normal. :)

  3. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I will definitely check it out. I have been using the same search engine for years and could use a change.

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