Chica PC-Fix Helps Keep Your Computer Running Smoothly

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I have a confession to make: I used to be a total computer geek. I would spend hours upon hours pouring over tech articles and tweaking my system until it was a well-tuned power machine. That was before I had my son and my writing career, when time was pretty much limitless. Now, I’m barely half the geek I used to be! I’m so ashamed of how much junk I’ve allowed to accumulate on my computer. Orphaned files, empty registry keys, left-behind short cuts- you name it, my computer is currently plagued by it.

Since I no longer have time to dig into all my computer’s hidden crevices myself, I rely on other programs to do it for me. I have been using Chica PC-Shield and Password Manager to get other parts of my virtual life in order. Now, I’m using Chica PC-Fix to clean up all the junk and fix the errors! Take a look at how it works!

Give your system a good cleaning with Chica PC-Fix

As with the other ChicaLogic products, installing Chica PC-Fix was a breeze. It did take a little longer to install than the others for some reason, but I think that’s because my son was playing his online games all day. That always makes my poor computer feel a little bogged down. Even my PC can’t keep up with his energy!


Once installed, start the program and you’ll see the screen above. Obviously, since it’s your first time running it, the program will tell you that you’ve never run a scan before. After that, it will let you know when you last scanned your system. Notice the big orange “Start PC Health Check” button? I love that you can’t possibly miss it! No digging around looking for how to start the program. That may seem like a minor thing, but it tells me they pay attention to details and know how to make your busy life a little easier.


Chica PC-Fix in action scanning your system for errors

While Chica PC-Fix is scanning, you’ll see that screen above. Don’t let that pretty little “0” next to Errors fool you. That was only the start of the scan. Want to see how many errors I really had?


In case it’s not clear, that number is 632! Wow, that’s a lot of errors. Hey, look, at least I have a few areas with no errors! That’s something, right? To clean up all those messes, just hit the next button. You’ll see this screen:


Here, you can tell Chica PC-Fix which errors you’d like to repair. By default, everything is checked. If there is something you don’t want to change, though, just uncheck it. Click “Fix Now” and Chica-PC Fix will backup your registry before starting repairs. If you decide that you need to undo the fixes, just go to Reverse Repairs right on the left menu. I love that they have this feature in such an easy to find place! Maybe you can tell that I don’t like to go digging for things that I think are important in a program. Everything that matters should be right there in the open.

Tweaking your Chica PC-Fix Settings

Tweaking the settings in Chica PC-Fix is incredibly easy.

Speaking of being right out there in the open, it’s also super easy to change the settings on Chica PC-Fix. I don’t like anything aside from the absolute necessities to run at startup, so I unchecked that option. I like to check for updates automatically because it saves you the trouble of remembering to do it yourself. On the other hand, I do like to be asked before downloading anything onto my computer. We have a so-so internet connection. It’s DSL, but not like lightening fast DSL. I save my downloading for times when my son isn’t using the XBOX or some other system to watch movies on Netflix. That way, I’m not bogging down the Wi-Fi.

It is really important that you leave the “Create Backups Before Performing Repairs” option checked. That way, if something goes wrong (which isn’t likely, but better safe than sorry), you can just restore your computer back to before the repairs.

Control your start-up programs

Another nice feature of Chica PC-Fix is the ability to see all your startup programs and control them. While you can achieve this by running MSCONFIG through your Windows start menu, it’s just easier to see them in a program that you’re already using regularly. Plus, to me, the Chica PC-Fix interface is more user-friendly and easier to work with.

Overall, Chica PC-Fix is a great program for giving your computer a checkup and clearing out the errors or junk files. I’d recommend it to anyone who just doesn’t have the time, tech knowledge or desire to sit there and try to find every error themselves.

You can check out Chica PC-Fix for free to see what kinds of errors are lurking on your computer. If you decide to upgrade to the pro version, it’s just $19.95 for a one-year license. Save money and grab a 3-year license for $44.95. Connect with ChicaLogic on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with news.

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  1. jennifer aikens

    I like that it is easy to install and operate. I have two older relatives living with me that are not computer savvy so this helps a lot.

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