Cascade from Big Fish Puts a New Spin on Match-3 Puzzles! #Cascade

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Are you looking for more great game apps for you and your kids to play? I’ve got a great, FREE new puzzle game for you: Cascade from Big Fish! My children and I have been enjoying it.

Cascade Game Review: Fun for All Ages!

Cascade is a new “spin” on match-3 puzzles for your iPhone and iPad. Once you’ve downloaded Cascade, Jasper the Mole shows you how to play:


You tap on the game board to fling gems:


When you make big matches, special gems appear on the board:


These special gems will clear more gems, horizontally, vertically, or all over when you match them. Once you’ve cleared all your gems at the bottom, or there are no more possible moves left, spin again for new gems:


If you clear all your gems at the bottom, you get a free spin. Not unlike chess, you have to see the patterns and think ahead so you can use all the gems each turn to get a free spin. There is also an option to get hints during the game – if you have been taking awhile to place your next gem, the game will highlight the spot you should go next (this is an especially nice option to keep children from getting frustrated).

Honestly, I downloaded the game, thinking I wouldn’t enjoy it, but much to my surprise, I did! This game is fun! It’s also a bit addictive, but you can just play one level at a time and stop. After a couple of levels I started to get the hang of it – getting super gems from matching masses of one colour at a time, and clearing all my gems in a turn to get a free spin.

My kids gave it a whirl, too. You can redo levels, to try to beat each level score, so I sent them each back to Level 1 to learn how to play and give it a try. My 10 year old and 15 year old are both enjoying it. In fact, my 15 year old son is playing right now. Just one caution to parents, on the main page, where you can click on the next and previous levels, there is a heart to click on and “buy lives” – make sure your children know not to click, or that you have a password on your iTunes account so no purchases are made by mistake.

If you want to brag on Facebook, you can also connect Cascade to your Facebook profile. Join your friends in the Great Cascade Gem Rush!


Download Cascade FREE today so you and your kids can start playing!

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13 thoughts on “Cascade from Big Fish Puts a New Spin on Match-3 Puzzles! #Cascade”

  1. This is a fun thing to do if you are stuck at home, and the weather is not good outside! Thank You for your review! 🙂

  2. My son and husband play games on the Kindle every night. They both act like kids…it’s so funny to watch. I’ll check this out further. Looks fun.

  3. I’ll have to give this game a try. My grand kids and I play games on facebook together so we can interact across the miles so this would be fun for them too. I really love the games by Big Fish as they have games for all ages.

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