Romantic Winter Date Nights On A Dime


Planning winter date nights on a dime isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Sure, it’s freezing out, so those long walks on a beach aren’t exactly practical. The biting wind doesn’t exactly scream “picnic” either. Bone chilling temps can make us want to stay inside away from blustering snow and cold.  The coldest season can also put a damper on our creative side when it comes to planning date nights.  Whether you decide to simply stay home and plan out a date night indoors, or get outside and enjoy what really is a beautiful season, here is a small list of ideas to get you started on planning a winter date night on a dime.

 Winter Date Nights On A Dime

At home: If you have kids, getting away for winter date nights on a dime is nearly impossible. The price of a babysitter alone can deter any money-saving couple from having a date night. You can plan a perfectly good night at home with a little effort.  If you are lucky enough to have relatives or friends nearby willing to take the kiddos, even better, but if not, you can have a romantic evening after the kids go to bed.  Chances are you have had dinner already, so plan a nice dessert or a few drinks.  Have a movie already picked out whether it be on Netflix, Amazon or a RedBox movie.  Grab some blankets and snuggle up.  It has probably been a while since just the two of you have been able to be like this together! 

Christmas tree shopping: This is probably something you are going to be doing anyways, make a night of it!  This can be fun and romantic, you are purchasing something together that is going in your home to be decorated.  Let him be the man he is and strap it to the roof.  If you are able to actually go out and chop down your own tree, this is even better!  Then go home and decorate it together.  Add to the evening with a glass of wine and some Christmas music. 

Winter walks:  Whether you are in a big city or a quiet little town, a romantic stroll in the snow is something out of the movies.  Maybe grab some coffee or hot cocoa and just enjoy the company of your loved one.  Day or night, a snow covered street is a beautifully romantic background. 

Vacation date night: Are you already taking a family vacation?  Take advantage of that time and enjoy a night just the two of you.  It will relax you for the rest of your vacation or make a great end to your family time away.

 Town Christmas Tree lighting: Take advantage of the tree lighting for one of the most romantic winter date nights on a dime.  Bundle up, grab some hot cocoa or coffee and enjoy the start of the Christmas season together.  You can then take a drive around town and see what houses are already lit up with lights.  Many events often have pictures with Santa too, so be a kid again and sit on Santa’s lap and take photo with your significant other. 

Ice skating: Even if you have to rent skates at a rink, it’s just a few dollars.  Even better?  Find a frozen pond!  Pond skating is always more fun than rink skating, and you might even be able to get in on a game of pond hockey.  Don’t know how to skate?  What a great time to learn!

It can be easy to let the cold and dreariness of the winter months get to you and keep you locked up inside.  Winter is a beautiful season!  Get creative and get outside to enjoy your loved one and rekindle your relationship.  

Do you have any great ideas for winter date nights on a dime? Share them in the comments!

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  1. Oh my goodness these are such great date ideas! Sometimes we are thinking hard on what to do in the winter and now we have new ideas that are frugal to boot! Thanks for sharing. We do love camping out at home…set up an indoor camp pretending that we are outdoors when we get snowed in.

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