Who Have You Helped Today?

Author:  Rita Duponty

Family–on a day-to-day basis you normally think of your family as those in your immediate circle such as your mother, son, husband, or daughter.  However, today I want you to think about your family circle including your neighbors, acquaintances, friends, and at times even strangers.  Why? 

My heart went out today, and so would yours, to strangers I did not know.  A morning  news station showed a father literally in tears because he could not financially shoulder his load.  He was part of a greater group of over 800 families  receiving food relief supplies from Feed The Children and Tri-Coastal Community Outreach.  Since the recession, and more recently the Gulf Oil Spill, families have been pouring in for community help. The news station also reported that the amount of children in poverty in Alabama would fill the Bryant Denny Stadium more than three times.   More and more families are requesting assistance at a rate of 20-25 new family requests per week.  Obviously, this is not an isolated picture.  Throughout the U.S. families and individuals are suffering.  However, the coastal states along the Panhandle and Gulf have been significantly impacted.  As you ponder their situation, what questions cross your mind?

What are you personally doing to help someone during this crisis?  Do you still have a job, food to eat, and a place to live?  If so, be grateful; look at what you can do to help someone else.  Be insightful; very few people want to ask for help.   Offer help in a dignified way.  Here are some ways you can assist…

  • Offer Transportation
  • Assist to Fix Their Car
  • Share a Meal
  • Share Family Night (hopefully you have one!)
  • Buy Groceries (drop off anonymously)
  • Help With Job Hunting
  • Give Gifts Anonymously
  • Show Genuine Concern by Being a Good Listener
  • Find Out What Talent or Skill Someone in Need Has
    and Hire Them to Work in Your House or Business (i.e. gardening)

These are just a few ways to show fellow compassion and feeling for our brothers and sisters we share this wonderful planet with.  You don’t need to be rich or have a lot of money.  If you decide to volunteer with a relief program, there are some great physical benefits you too may receive.  Check out the Volunteering section at http://www.naturalstressbusters.com.  There is no limit to the kindness you can show!  Start today.