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What an inspiring video from the Keep Going Going series! In Golden Grad, a grandmother returns to college in her “golden” years and graduates at age 95 with her granddaughter. This is such an amazing life lesson: you’re never too old to go after a dream! My own grandmother was such an inspiration to me. She lived her life to the absolute fullest, traveling the world to help others in need with my grandfather. If anyone aspired to Keep Good Going, it was her!


This Life Lesson came at just the right time for me. I’ve been feeling a little down since I’m approaching my 39th birthday. One more year before the big 4-0!  Rather than looking at all the things I have accomplished, I’ve been focusing on what I haven’t done yet.

Did you know I never finished college? I have more credits than most people have for two degrees, but I don’t have enough in any one subject to actually qualify for a single degree. I just wanted to learn so many different things and couldn’t settle on one! If a 95-year-old grandmother can do it, though, I still have time to Keep Good Going and achieve my dreams!

Keep Good Going: Don’t Count the Years, Make the Years Count

Rather than focusing on what I haven’t done, I think this Life Lesson urges me to think about all the things I HAVE done in my life. I traveled quite a bit as a teen and lived in Japan for two years as a young adult. I have a job that I love, an amazing son and a close family. It’s so much more important to make the years count rather than sitting around counting the years and reflecting on what you didn’t get to do.

A big part of making the years count means letting go of your past expectations for yourself and being proud of the person you are now. When I was in high school, I thought I’d have a best-selling novel by the time I was 30. I loved reading fiction, so assumed it was my destiny to write it.  I never did write a novel. What I have done is written thousands of articles, though! Turns out that I’m more of a feature writer than a fiction writer.

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How do you make the years count and Keep Good Going? What is your proudest accomplishment?

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12 thoughts on “Make the Years Count & Keep Good Going”

  1. Seriously GREAT story and an important lesson for us all! I’ve been feeling similar turning 29 this past weekend… so many things I want to accomplish before I turn 30. I got a bit negative in my head but have a new positive outlook — this just fuels my fire! Lots of living left to do =)

  2. Beautiful! Its true…never stop! I wouldn’t worry about 40, I’m about to turn 51 next week!

  3. This was such a heartwarming post. Your grandparents are really cute. My greatest accomplishment so far is putting myself through 10 years of post-secondary education with a few more to go.

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