Dating is crucial for your relationships

I have known my husband for over 15 years. When we first met we used to go out every single day! It was fun! Then we got married and our dating  slowed down. We had to pay for the wedding debts, pay for furniture! We were tight on budget but we managed to go out once a week.

Then we had our son. Between breastfeeding, changing diapers, cooking, etc, I was no longer in mood of dating.  The conversations were more about: what do you have for dinner tonight rather then: where are we going out tonight.  I remember we spent one year without dating. Our relationships started to suffer a bit!

Until one day, we decided that this has to change. So we started scheduling our dating nights. It may not be very romantic at first glance but we were excited about it. We chose a good restaurant (not necessarily an expensive one) and managed to hire a baby sitter. It was our moment: no kids, no distractions, just both of us.

Dating is crucial if you want to keep the spark in your relationships.

  • Dating forces you to stop and look after each other. They remind you of why you are together and what you love about each other.  It is fun.

You date does not need to cost a lot of money

  •  Your can use your loyality points to book a restaurant.
  • You can prepare some sandwiches and eat them in a park at night.
  • You can trade baby sitting with other parents to cut on cost of baby istting.
  • Don’t set any boundries. Just be creative.

Aim for once a month!

  • It is great if you can schedule a date once a month. Sometimes it is not easy: kids are sick, the baby sitter is not available, you are tight on budget! Make sure to schedule when everything goes back on track.

Dating is not all about your relationships.

The kids look forward to this date night because they love their baby sitter. She plays with them more than we do. They are allowed to eat their favorite snacks. They know that we will come back relaxed and cheerful.

Dating is not only about you and your partner. It is a family matter! You will have fun and you will have the fuel to continue your family journey. With Valentine’s Day approcahing, try to schedule a date with your partener!

Happy Valentine’s Day.

8 thoughts on “Dating is crucial for your relationships”

  1. As parents, we will be always short on time and maybe money! We need to be creative and find some moments for our relationships! It is a great idea to organize a dinner at home over candlenight.

  2. It is so important, unfortunately we don’t do it as much as we used to. When we had one child, every Friday we used to make a really nice dinner and just eat at home over candlelight. No extra money needed but just some extra effort. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. My stepmom took our son this past Saturday night and Sunday. Hubby and I talked about a date, but we decided to go home and cuddle up to a movie instead. We slept in and just enjoyed our time together.

    1. It is a date Janet! Spending some time with your partner without being distracted is a date, no matter where! I am glad you made it!

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