5 Tips For Conquering Problems in Blended Families


As you join together in a new marriage, use these 5 tips for blended families success to help you overcome common problems that crop up in a blended family.

When second marriages come into play it can be tough to blend families, but these 5  Tips For Blended Families Success are sure to help make it a smooth transition.  Whether the are multiple kids blending together, or simply a new step parent in the mix you are sure to overcome when you work hard and put these tips into place.


Don’t force relationships.  Whether it is child and step parent, or step siblings forced relationships don’t work well.  Let things happen gradually.  Take time to get to know each other and accept quirks, needs, differences and individual personalities.  Give each other plenty of space, and encourage children to respect each others space as well.

Don’t make kids share.  This one may seem bad to some, but when you are blending families it is especially important for kids to feel secure about their home, belongings and relationships.  Focus on making sure each child knows that their belongings are theirs and they are not required to share them with new siblings.  Let the desire to share be their choice and not forced.

Don’t try to be a replacement parent.  No matter how hard you want to be a good step parent, you cannot replace their other parent, and shouldn’t.  Don’t try to be a second mom or dad.  Instead, try to be a friend and person to look up to.  There will be boundaries and a need to have lines drawn, but you should remain as a strong influence and person they can feel is leading, but not demanding.  This is hard to do, but with communication and understanding among all parents and children it can work.

Be consistent.  Nothing is worse than wavering back and forth.  Set firm rules and expectations and stick with them.  Be consistent in how you deal with conflicts and communication.  Don’t allow the step child or your own children to take advantage of the situation.

Get counseling.  Counseling is not just for those who are struggling.  Counseling can be an excellent preventative method of dealing with blending families together.  A few sessions individually and as a family can help address concerns and fears without fear of judgement from the new or existing family.

Joining two families together can be a difficult but wonderful challenge.  These tips for blended family success are sure to help make your new blended family come together with love, peace and a wonderful future.

 Do you have any other tips for blended families success? Share them in the comments!

17 thoughts on “5 Tips For Conquering Problems in Blended Families”

  1. You’ve got so many great tips here. parenting can be difficult in any type of relationship, but for blended families, there really are some additional challenges that can come along too!

  2. i just had this conversation with my sons friends Mom about sharing. We wer agreeing that it gets annoying when kids come over and expect my son to share everything! He has prized Lego builds and DVDs that are off limits to even him that kids come whining my son won’t share. He doesn’t HaVE to share everything! :-)

  3. We are a blended family. My kids are here 100% of the time but my husband has 2 that come over. We do the no share a little. Each of the kids, even the ones that are here, have a drawer or chest with just their stuff in it and no one is allowed in it and then they have things they all share. It makes it much easier!

  4. Great tips and suggestions. I have been lucky and my x hasn’t been a part of my kids lives in the last 10 years. It is sad for the kids but it has been so much easier when it comes to raising them.

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