7 Toys & Accessories That Help Overcome the Challenges of Autism

Did you know 1 in 68 kids has autism? We're sharing our favorite accessories and toys that help with autism to overcome some of the biggest challenges.

In honor of April’s Autism Awareness Month, we’re sharing a few great accessories and toys that help with autism. Did you know that 1 in 68 kids has been identified with autism spectrum disorder, according to the CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network? Autism can make normal daily activities challenging and stressful for children and their parents. We have found some of the best new products on the market that provide solutions to common challenges and enhance the lives families living with autism. Check out our picks for great accessories and toys that help with autism.

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Accessories and Toys that Help with Autism

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Help with Oral Sensory Issues


HABA’s Clutching Toy Star is a great sensory chew toy option for all ages with autism.  With different texture options, it can be used as part of oral therapy for autism, ADHD, anxiety, oral motor issues and sensory integration disorders. Made of food grade silicone, this chew toy is safe, durable, BPA free and contains no phthalates. If you have a child dealing with a toddler speech delay related to oral sensory issues, this would be a great toy for exercising their mouths. For ages Birth+. MSRP:  $6.99 Available online at www.HABAusa.com or Amazon.

Fear of Bath Time


Bath time freak outs are common in autistic children but SoapSox® can help! Originally developed to ease bath time fears for children of trauma, SoapSox allows kids to take a cuddly, comforting plush friend into the tub with them.  Plush, a patented soap pocket transforms lovable SoapSox® into sudsy wash cloth – just add soap and scrub. Available characters include:  Taylor the Turtle, Hunter the Gator, Emma the Duck, Tank the Shark, Harper the Hippo, Jackson the Whale,  Ava the Dolphin, Ray the Manta, Scorch the Dragon, and NEW characters: Charlotte the Seal, Bella the Ladybug, and William the Frog. For Birth +. MSRP: $12.99. Available online at www.SoapSoxKids.com

Water Sensitivity Issues


For many with special needs, fear of the water is what they can’t control. Keep the water flowing without the worry of the hot water burns with Yookidoo’s Flow N Fill Spout. This automatic spout attaches to the tub to draw water up and create an endless stream.  Three interchangeable tumblers each with a different spouting action offer a variety of ways to play and experiment with water. MSRP: $19.99.  Available at www.BabiesRUs.com

Feeding Sensory Issues


The Original Squeeze with Eeeze™ is a reusable, eco-friendly and toxin-free squeeze pouch that can help all ages with eating difficulties or liquid-specific eating needs get the nutrition they need. No longer limited to juices and fruit smoothies, the Original Squeeze with Eeeze is perfect for wholesome vegetable mashes and purees in addition to probiotic yogurt blends, maximizing vitamin and mineral intake. For ages 6 months+. MSRP: $13.99-$15.99. Available online at www.OriginalSqueeze.com

Choking Risk


Individuals with autism are especially vulnerable to choking risks. BiteSizers are the first portable scissors designed to specifically help parents and caregivers quickly cut real, healthy foods into the right-sized pieces.  The built-in size guide gives added confidence that every piece of food is safe to reduce the risk of choking. BiteSizers’ easy-to-use, convenient design allows parents and caregivers prep and share food at home or on the go and helps promote healthy eating habits. For Ages: 6 month + MSRP: $19.95. Available atwww.MixedPears.com

Sleeping Difficulties


Children with autism are particularly prone to sleep problems, which can take its toll on the whole family.  The NEW Claessens’ Kids Kid’Sleep Moon can be used as a night light, sleep trainer and alarms clock. For individuals with special needs or developmental delays, it can be used to help understand time references, when it is time to get out of bed and when it is not, how to self-regulate their sleeping patterns.  All settings are adjustable so caregivers can customize depending on time of day, brightness, and alarm sounds. For Birth +.  MSRP: $49.99. Available online at www.Amazon.com

Respiratory and Skin Allergies


Children with autism are 1.8 times more likely than children without developmental disabilities to have asthma, and 1.6 times more likely to have eczema or skin allergies. BSensible’s NEW Fitted Sheet Standard can help with both. This double-duty, waterproof fitted sheet and mattress protector made of 100% natural TENCEL® fabric is not only incredibly soft, breathable, naturally wrinkle-resistant, and environmentally sustainable, but also keeps skin and sheets dry, reducing potential bacteria growth.  And BSensible’s Tencel fabric also incorporates Zinc Oxide to soften, protect and regenerate the skin and provides certified protection against dust mites that aggravate asthma. Plus, the super soft and smooth fabric will not irritate the skin to cause “flare ups.” Available in Crib, Twin, Full and Queen sizes. MSRP:  $28.00-67.00. Available online at www.BSensible.com.

Do you have any favorite accessories or toys that help with autism? Share in the comments so other readers can learn more!

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  1. These look to be great additions to help parents and the children cope with the autistic spectrum difficulties. I will be spreading this information to anyone I happen to meet who needs it.

  2. This is really great.We don’t have any autism in our family, but I do know a few mommys who are going through it so I will for sure share this. It’s helpful!

  3. We featured a board game that had been shown to be enjoyed by kids with autism. So cool to see products specifically tailored for this market.

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