Tips for Getting Your Spring Cleaning Chores Organized by Insurance Hunter

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Insurance Hunter recently published on their blog some tips to help make spring cleaning a little easier and I found them to be really helpful. While we all know that it must be done, sometimes we can overwhelm ourselves or just not know where to begin.

What are these Tips for getting your spring cleaning chores organized?


The first thing you should do is to create a to-do list. An easy way to do this is to first list the areas that need to be done according to their importance. For me, I absolutely have to do the kid’s room and the storage closet because they are just out of control and I can’t find a thing! After that, make sub-categories, like the kid’s closet and organizing toys. This way you will have a list of what needs to be done, but it will be in bite-size chunks and it will seem a lot less stressful.


One of the most helpful tips Insurance Hunter had for spring cleaning was to assign a date that each tasks must be done by. This will prevent you from procrastinating too much. But don’t worry if you can’t get it done by the date, if this happens, just adjust your timeline. Like with everything in life, sometimes things come up or a task takes longer than you thought it would. It would probably be helpful not to make the dates too soon. For the kid’s room, I plan on getting it done in two weeks. This gives me time to sort through clothes, select toys to give away and to organize their closet. I also plan on doing a little bit each day so I don’t burn myself out.


Another great tip is to give yourself a reward for getting your spring cleaning done! I plan on treating myself to getting my hair done by my favorite stylist. This will give you some motivation to get it done.  Make sure that you resist the urge to get your reward early! If you have family members helping you, then ask them what they would like to treat themselves to. A reward can be something as simple as going out to that new restaurant or it could be more extravagant like a vacation.


So if you are like me and could use a little help, make sure you head over to their blog. They have a lot of great information on making spring cleaning a little easier and a lot more, too. You can also get 3 auto insurance quotes in 3 minutes

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18 thoughts on “Tips for Getting Your Spring Cleaning Chores Organized by Insurance Hunter”

  1. I think setting deadlines would be really helpful. I have a deadline for planting my garden, so it should really be applied to spring cleaning the house. It would really help.

  2. I love that you took spring cleaning up a notch. I clean each year, but I am NOT organized when I spring cleaning. These are amazing tips, and hopefully will make my cleaning a little less hectic this year!

  3. I’m such a procrastinator, but I like your tip to set deadlines for finishing tasks in order to make sure that they get done. My son is on vacation with grandparents, so I made a huge dent in spring cleaning this weekend. I was laughing that it was a good investment because things stayed clean after I cleaned them since my little hurricane isn’t here!

  4. Great tips. I am so glad I got spring cleaning behind me but I will be doing a summer clean after the kids are out of school getting rid of school papers and such.

  5. Spring Cleaning seems to be on everyone’s mind this week… I love the tip of assigning end dates – I also try to figure out how long a task will take and challenge myself by setting the clock on the microwave or my phone to count down so I stay motivated to finish each task.

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