Top 3 Reasons to Make Time for Mirror Reading.

The importance of reading with children – in mirrors

The top three reasons why you ought to make room for mirror reading.

By Dr. Shelagh Robinson, Psychologist


We all know that reading to children is good for them. Storytime provides little ones with many benefits and advantages later in life – especially those related to learning.  Exploring books of all kinds with kids is key, both regular texts and those designed to be enjoyed in mirrors.

Reading reversed format books in reflections with children may sound strange – until you get a glimpse of the new perspective it brings.  Mirror Reading leads you into completely new experiences of playing with words, transforming tales into events, and truly interactive storytimes.

 Here are three reasons why parents find mirror reading is important:

1.  It breaks the routine.

2. It encourages laughter.

3. It’s memory-making.

1.  Mirror Reading is a routine breaker.

Small changes in everyday lives create freshness. We can forget to see the specialness of just being with little ones in quiet moments. Putting a new spin on a routine activity, like story time, offers an amazing opportunity to explore something new, yet familiar, with a child. It’s all about a change in point of view – for them and you. Reading books in unusual places, like in closets wrapped in blankies, or in bathrooms, takes you into the known unknown together – easily and conveniently.

2. Gives Kids a Chance to Be Silly

It’s inevitable with all the face-to-face action. When you read a regular book with a child, your eyes are down, focused on the page. In a big mirror, little ones can look at you from a different angle, observe your lips as you pronounce words, see your eyes widen in a smile, and watch your funny faces.

You may not realize what you look like when you speak in the squeaky voice of a character in a storybook. Here’s your chance! We can all use a bit more silly laughter in our lives.

3. Memories get made when we read eye-to-eye.

What do we remember? Events that stand out – that are odd, and curious. Experiences that catch our eye, that make us look again with fascination. Special times with loved ones when we felt their gentle attention.


Reading eye-to-eye provides us with unique opportunities to connect with children in memorable ways. When we play with books in reflections, we can read with kids, not just to them. In these special moments of seeing, we can grow bonds and make memories that echo for years.

There are lots of exciting and educational reasons to explore backwards books in mirrors with children. Please visit for more ideas.

Mirror Read Books are available in English and French, in paper and eBook versions on the mirrorread website.

A Mirror Read eBook comes for free with the MR App for adults on iTunes, for anyone interested in exploring the benefits of mirror reading on grown-up brains.

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Dr Shelagh Robinson is a Psychologist, researcher and teacher in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She specializes in visual perception and reading books in mirrors.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad that you are intrigued by mirror reading. Me too! The opportunities to connect with children are so unique. I learn along with the little ones I read with, every time.
    Keep on mirror reading! : )

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