Has Technology Created A Society Of Distracted Parents?

Has Technology Created A Society Of Distracted Parents?

Are we becoming a society of distracted parents? With the increase in technology advances over the last 50 years our society has sadly become more and more distracted.  With tablets, laptops, smart phones and gadgets in the hand or pocket of nearly everyone, it is tough to stay focused without a ping, beep or buzz interrupting our day.  So, has Technology Created A Society Of Distracted Parents?  In one word – yes.  While not everyone has fallen victim to this issue in their family, more and more instances have brought to the forefront the problem of distraction due to the devices we carry.  A recent article even mentioned a child at age 2 seeking answers from Siri instead of Dad.  What can we do to change this and create a better environment of focused parents instead?


Let’s look at a few well known facts to help determine if this presumption is indeed truth.  We can easily make judgement calls on this thought, but the proof available will seal the deal on this one.

  • Social Media has taken such an upturn in popularity in the last 10 years that the number 2 ranking website in the world is Facebook.
  • The cost of items like laptops, cellular phones, (affiliate link)tablets and eReaders has dropped drastically making them affordable even for many at poverty level.
  • Entertainment in the form of games, movies, TV shows and music are now at our fingertips no matter where we are.
  • Working from home has become more common for both men and women.  This has created a problem of having electronics necessary for work purposes and it carrying over into family time.

These three simple facts confirm that there is considerable reason to believe that technology has indeed created a society of distracted parents.  As we see the sales of things like tablets and smart phones during the holiday season doubling and tripling each year, it is easy to assume that our society is heavily supporting technology in daily life.

How can we enjoy technology without it making us distracted parents?

  • Set limits for electronics usage in your home.
  • Turn off electronics during conversation and dinner time
  • Restrict phone, tablet and internet privileges to education only during school weeks
  • Hold each other accountable.  Parents remind each other to put the phone or tablet down and pay attention to your children.
  • Schedule electronics free family activities.  Set up a family game night, play in the pool during the summer or go to the local park and leave your phones off.
  • Set alarms throughout the day to remind you to focus on your children.

Technology doesn’t have to take over our lives.  It is there to be an asset, and can be a wonderful thing for us as individuals and families.  Instead of allowing your phone, tablet, laptop or even TV become a distraction device, utilize it for education and knowledge.  If your work, like mine, requires you to be online several hours a day, make sure to unplug at night and on weekends.  Created personal boundaries and find someone to help hold you accountable.  We do not have to fall victim to the stereotype of being a society of distracted parents.

Do you think technology has created a society of distracted parents? How do you keep it from overwhelming your time with your kids?

2 thoughts on “Has Technology Created A Society Of Distracted Parents?”

  1. i have some friends that have these basic family rules that seem to work well for them.
    1 it isn’t rude to not reply to a text right aways.
    2. The person you are with almost always takes priority over the person calling or texting you. (With the exception of parents/kids contacting each other).
    Sounds like a good start.

  2. I have started to question the amount of time we are all spending either watching TV, texting, online, social media. How it can keep us from being present for our families. Thanks for this post!

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