Get Help From the Experts with These Toddler Speech Delay Videos

Get expert advice, tips from real moms and more in these great toddler speech delay videos. Learn from those who have gone through it before.

Technology is wonderful in that it allows you so many avenues when you are looking for help in talking about toddler speech delays.  You can find videos on where your child should be developmentally at the age of 2, as well as what you as a parent can do for your child to help him learn to speak.  Below are a handful of videos I found that were helpful in their own ways.  I hope they can be of help to you as well!

 Toddler Speech Delay Videos from the Experts

Dana Ryan with The Diaper Dirt Channel discusses how her twins were not speaking 50 words or more by the age of 2.  She talks about how boys tend to speak later than girls, so be patient and how she learned from her speech therapist that sign language counts as a verbal skill.  Also, twins tend to speak later, as they are perfectly fine communicating with each other in a non-verbal manner that they do not feel the need to learn to speak.


“Speech Therapy for Toddlers: 5 Great Tips” from  discusses how you should talk about what you are doing, talking through it “I am washing the dishes”.  It may sound weird when you are doing it, but your toddler is listening and learning words.  Also, do not ask too many questions and use simple comments.


This is an actual video of a toddler with a speech delay.  He and his mom are reading a Dora The Explorer book and you can hear the sounds he makes are all very similar, not very distinguishable.

Tiffany Bartlett with Speech Calendar.  This is a short video (less than one minute) discussing how using sign language is beneficial to a toddler with a speech delay.


Speech Therapy Techniques: Infants and Toddlers Toy Review Series and Updates.  Her YouTube channel is SpeechLanguageBeyond.  She is a speech pathologist and discusses toys and techniques to help with speech therapy in toddlers.  Her channel is a very beneficial one to subscribe to!

And just for fun, our editor, Nikki, who talked about her son’s speech delay and his life as a  tongue tied toddler, shares a super cute video of Jacob singing You Are My Sunshine, to show you that while a toddler speech delay can be frustrating, it can also be overcome!

Hopefully this is a good list to get your started.  There are so many channels on YouTube that could subscribe to for helpful hints and tips as well as regular moms who are posting what their toddlers are going through with speech delay.

 Have you ever thought of creating your own video with what you have experienced with a toddler speech delay?  Post your thoughts on the videos here, or post some suggestions you have found helpful, below in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Get Help From the Experts with These Toddler Speech Delay Videos”

  1. I’ve known many a child with a speech delay (school system). It can be a challenge for the child and the family but thankfully it most always ends well. :)

  2. Such a great information indeed! This post will be very helpful for parents who have toddlers with speech delay. Will have to share this post with my friends for sure. Thanks a lot for sharing the great videos as well.

  3. This is a very helpful videos. My son had a problem talking when he was a toddler. He is still having his speech therapy until now. He has all the help he needs. This kid has a big mouth now lol.

  4. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    My youngest had a speech delay and I talked to my pediatrician about it. I felt like that was the best way to go.

  5. I really love the concept of incorporating sign language into the mix to help encourage the connect between letters, words, and sounds. Being patient and not labeling kiddos with speech delays helps too!

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