9 Budget-Friendly Activities Your 15-Month-Old Tot Will Go Nuts Over!

Activities for a 15 month old tot can be tough to find. Look no further! There are some great ideas right here!

One of our mommy readers wrote asking about activities for a 15-month-old tot. , At first, glance you think ‘Well that should be easy.’  Take a second look.  These fun little cherubs aren’t quite old enough for a lot of the things you might be thinking.  Sure they can stand on their own 2 feet, but dance classes or gymnastics are out of the question for a couple more years.  So what sort of activities are there for a 15-month-old tot? Let’s check out a few!

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My Favorite Activities for a 15 Month Old Tot

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Library: Check your local library for story time or music.  When my daughter was smaller, we went to storytime at the library.  They are good about keeping it short and sweet for the little attention spans they have.  Our library also did a craft after that related to the story.  It was fun!  And so cute to observe my little one just taking it all in and interacting.

Facebook groups: This is something I had never really thought of until I relocated my family and didn’t know anyone.  I created a Facebook page for local moms!  I wanted to meet new people and get together with other mom’s of kids the same general age as my own.  If they have lived there a while (I happened to become friends with a lovely woman who has lived here her entire life) they will know all the ins and outs of things to do.  If nothing else, you can all get together for playdates.

Community Center: Your local community center might also have days and times for toddler fun.  I know the one near my house in New Hampshire, had a day and time and they put out mats and other activities for the kids to do.  It was a nice place to met up and let the kids play, especially when the weather was cold!  They might also schedule a fun music guy (or gal) for the kids too.  

Swimming: You can always find swimming lessons!  I wish I had done it for my kids.  Teaching kids to swim is not only fun but lifesaving.  You never know what is going to happen near water.  Better to be safe than sorry.  Sure, you can teach your kids to swim, but I am no professional and I would rather they learn from someone who has the skill and let’s be honest, the patience.  Not to mention a great place also to meet other moms who have their tots enrolled in the class.    

More fun activities for a 15-month-old tot include:

  • Finger painting- this is a great sensory experience, and you can find plenty of non-toxic paints. You can even “make” your own with different food. Hey, messy is fun!
  • Make edible play dough (tots are too young for the real stuff. Think this way: if they can safely ingest it, they can safely play with it).
  • Two words: dance party! Turn up the tot-friendly tunes and dance with your cherub!
  • Build and destroy: never underestimate the entertainment value of letting your tot play Baby Godzilla with a block tower carefully constructed by you.
  • Sensory fun: sensory bins are huge and so easy to make. Literally anything tot-safe can go into a bin. The point is to give your tot different textures to explore. Throw some pasta, uncooked rice, felt, toys or just about anything else into one of these bins (as long as it’s tot-safe).

It can be tough to find activities for your toddler to do outside of playing with you all day.  They aren’t quite old enough for fun sports (don’t wish this time away! Before you know it he will be on the varsity baseball team).  You may have to, do some searching but social media is an excellent tool to use to network with other local moms.  I had to do this when I moved to a new area, and there wasn’t a soul I knew!

What sort of activities for a 15-month-old tot do you have in mind?  Share with the rest of us moms who are struggling!

18 thoughts on “9 Budget-Friendly Activities Your 15-Month-Old Tot Will Go Nuts Over!”

  1. My son is 15 months, and I have a whole blog of activities that I’ve done with him. (Talesofateachermom.com) We love our library, and we go to park district music and movement classes. We also love playing in our water table, blowing bubbles, sensory play, and reading.

  2. Swimming lessons are the best for me and my little ones. I always put them in swimming lessons as soon as they are old enough. I never thought about local mom facebook groups. I will check into that because I still know no one in our area.

  3. I don’t have children but I think these are fun activities that promote quality time with one’s kids. It’s a habit that can be started whilst they’re still young and be done even when they’re older. From the list of activities, the edible play dough is my favorite.

  4. Great ideas! it’s so important to keep the kiddos, especially toddlers busy. When my littles were 15 mo we did swimming lessons and went to the park and library often!

  5. Great tips! There really are a lot of activities for kids it is just about knowing where to look. We do story time at our library, and we do swim lessons. My son loves them!

  6. Keeping kids busy and also making sure they are learning some life skills along the way is tough! Thanks for sharing these ideas. I hope first time mommies read this!

  7. I cannot remember what I did with my 15-month-old. My son is a lot older than that now I do know that we played a lot and we would finger paint with food so that he could be messy and I wouldn’t have to worry about going in his mouth.

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