Bright & Beautiful Neon and Silver Striped Summer Nail Art


Want  beautiful nails guaranteed to stand out in a crowd? Try our neon and silver striped summer nail design tutorial! It’s an easy and fun way to really brighten up your look after you’re done with your 4th of July nail art. The silver polish in this neon nail art design really compliments the vivid colors, making it a fun choice for everyone from tweens to moms.

I love painting my nails at home. Salons are great, but they can get a little expensive. Plus my daughter always wants to do her nails like mine too! It’s such a fun bonding experience to sit out on the deck with our favorite drink recipe for kids, painting our nails and chatting the afternoon away. I find that she opens up more when we’re doing an activity together, whether it’s painting nails or baking in the kitchen. The activity acts kind of like a buffer. These nail designs are also a fun bonding activity for girls night in!

Ready to check out how to make this neon and silver striped summer nail art? You’re going to love how easy it is!

Neon and Silver Striped Summer Nail Design

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Supplies Needed:


1. Begin by putting 2-3 coats of your neon yellow polish on four of your nails. You may still notice that you can see your nail through the polish, this is not a problem.


2. Next, paint your last nail in 2-3 coats of the silver polish.


3. Once your nails are dry, put a bit of silver polish at the tip of the makeup sponge and dab it on the tips of your four yellow nails to make thick silver tips. You may have to do this more than once for optimum coverage.


4. Now take your orange and pink polish and make a two large stripes (vary the thickness for maximum appeal) on the silver finger and two small stripes on all the silver tips.

Let your nail art dry, then show off those pretty fingers! Easy, right? I love really fancy nail art, but as a busy mom, I need something that’s pretty yet simple to pull off. These definitely fill both needs.

I am absolutely crazy about glitter nail designs! They’re so much fun! If you love all the beautiful summer nail designs but don’t have time to do elaborate nail art, you need to try these easy pink nail designs! They’re beautiful and classy!

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So cute, right? We’re all about the easy nail art designs, so you can switch your nails in a flash without spending a fortune at the salon. One tip about nail polish: you can find plenty of accent colors at the Dollar Store, but I’d go with something like Sally Hansen for your base coat. I find that the slightly more expensive nail polishes last longer. Make sure you give your nails a bit of a break every now and then, too.

Do you have any favorite summer nail designs? Share in the comments, I’d love to check them out!

16 thoughts on “Bright & Beautiful Neon and Silver Striped Summer Nail Art”

  1. I like the designs, they are fab! They reminds me a lot of the times when I got addicted to nail arts.

  2. Those are very pretty nails. I’ve never done anything like that with my nails. I usually just color it one color with nail polish. I’ll have to give this a try soon.

  3. These nail art designs are pretty easy to follow and I’m sure my girls will appreciate them! Thanks for the lovely step by step tutorial, I’ll be sure to show these to them!

  4. I’m always so impressed by other’s nail art. It’s amazing how a few simple tools and nail colors can transform your everyday nail look.

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