Meet the Entrepreneur Lorena Scott: Founder of MommiesFirst

Our Family World is delighted to have Lorena Scott, founder of MommiesFirst, join us in an interview. MommiesFirst is a new subscription service that delivers monthly packages filled with goodies for new moms, moms-to-be, and babies. The early days of a new business can be challenging, and Our Family World is proud to support the efforts of entrepreneurs who take a chance on getting their great idea out to the world.

MommiesFirst Lorena

1. How did you come up with this idea?

MommiesFirst is very much inspired by my children.  I have two young boys (ages 3 years and 10 months), and when my eldest was born I was excited and NERVOUS, overjoyed and PETRIFIED and mostly UNPREPARED. No one had really told me what to expect, including how difficult it was to sift through all the information and products out there for mom and baby. At first I thought I was the only mom who was dazed and confused, but very quickly I realized many new moms feel the same way. So, I thought to myself – there MUST be a better way…

After my second baby arrived, a lot of that same nervousness returned, and this time I resolved to create a service whose genuine mission was to help other moms during their journey through mommyhood.  And that’s how MommiesFirst was born.


2. How did you take the plunge into this venture: how did you prepare financially, your family, how long did it take?

There have been a lot of sleepless nights between May (when we launched our website on Mother’s Day 2012) and September (when we shipped our first boxes to moms). Starting a new company/ being an entrepreneur is a lot of work and it can be a lonely road some days.  In my case, there is the added complexity of also being a mom with two young kids.  However, I am really fortunate because my family is extremely supportive.

I studied entrepreneurship while in college, so it definitely took me a long time to take the plunge and start my own business.  And again, I was very much inspired by my kids. I want them to know that having a dream and wanting to make a difference – and then pursuing these two goals relentlessly– is both important and possible.  So, in many ways, I had no choice but to start MommiesFirst.

As a family, we are constantly making tradeoffs in order to invest the time and resources to MommiesFirst. But, I believe in what we are trying to do and that keeps us all working hard and pushing forward.


3. How Does it Work? Samples or Full-Size Products?

MommiesFirst is a monthly subscription service for pregnant moms and new moms that delivers a curated box of products for her to enjoy ( Each MommiesFirst box is customized to the stage of the mom’s pregnancy or the age of the child. We have a MommiesFirst Council, comprised of moms, dads and baby experts, who are testing, reviewing and recommending product for our care packages.  They only select products that meet our standards for effectiveness, safety, value, environmental impact and stewardship.  Moms either sign up for themselves or receive a membership from a caring friend.

Our care packages contain a mix of both full size and deluxe size sample products for moms to enjoy and then determine what works best for them and their little ones.
4- Why someone should subscribe to it?

MommiesFirst is about moms helping moms. Our care packages are filled with handpicked products that help mom indentify only the very best products for her and her baby.  We never let brand pay to be in our boxes, so we are a truly a trusted resource. Every month we send our moms beautiful boxes that surprises, delights, supports and educates them.

Oh, and it’s a amazing gift for a friend.  In fact, we’ve had our members say it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

We also have a famously helpful customer service team- I believe it’s the backbone of any good business, and our way of ensuring your time is spent being a mommy.

5- Will the readers be able to buy those products from your site if they like it?

Every product featured in our boxes comes with a MommiesFirst Note, which provides more information on the brand and why we selected them for our boxes.  We also direct you where to buy more product.

If you or someone you love is interested in receiving a MommiesFirst care package, please visit A subscription costs $25 per month, with free shipping. All of our boxes are delivered with love and care!


Are you an entrepreneur with a new, family-friendly business? If so, Our Family World would love to feature you! Drop us a line with a few details about yourself and your new business.


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