Get Kids Up and At ‘Em with YOP from Yoplait! #YOP

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Summer is the season of relaxation, including relaxed bedtime rules. For many families, that means staying up later and sleeping in past mid-morning. While this is great while it lasts, with back to school season upon us, it’s time to start transitioning into school year routines. When you have a teenager, that can be a major challenge!

Anyone who has ever been a teenager- which would be all of us- probably remembers those days! The sun comes up a little too early and you’re launched out of bed by the sound of a screeching alarm clock or parent’s calls to wake up. It seems like high school starts earlier than middle school and elementary school did. What a slap in the face to a kid who just wants to catch some extra zzz’s!

Did you know that the average teen needs about 9 hours of sleep? With school starting as early as 7am in some areas, teens typically need to get up at least by 6am just to have enough time to get dressed and meet the bus. This means that in order to get a full night of sleep, they need to go to bed at 9pm. Unfortunately, just when they need sleep the most, nature plays a bit of a trick on teenagers. Teens Health by Nemours explains that the circadian rhythm that helps your brain know when to go to sleep changes during the teen years. It tells them to stay up and wake up later. This makes for some very groggy teens!

Once you do manage to drag your teenager out of bed, the challenge of getting something nutritious into them is next on the morning agenda. Chances are by this time you’re already running late! What can you do? You can’t sacrifice on nutrition. Your teenager needs protein, calcium and essential vitamins to fuel his brain! This is where Yop from Yoplait can help.

Fuel Up with Yop!


Yop is the very first drinkable yogurt available in Canada! You already know how good yogurt is for you. Now, your teen can drink it on the go and get all those great nutritional benefits! Yop contains essential nutrients that help fuel your teenager all day long, such as  calcium, vitamins D, B12 and B2, and magnesium. Each serving also contains 5 grams of protein.

With conveniently sized 200mL bottles, your teen can grab a Yop first thing in the morning and drink it up while getting ready for school. Add in a piece of fruit or some whole-grain toast with peanut butter, and you have a convenient healthy breakfast that doesn’t take up much time!

Yop comes in seven different delicious flavors, including: Strawberry,Raspberry, Blueberry,Strawberry-Banana,Vanilla Tropixs ,Banana Tropixs and Peach Tropixs. It’s also available in single 200mL bottles or as a 6 or 12 multipack. Visit the Yoplait Yop website to learn more!


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  1. We drink yogurt all the time at our house. I make 75% of the yogurt we eat homemade which is always runnier. However, I do buy yogurt for convenience because it is healthy too. I am so going to see if we have this in the US for my kids. I have one who hates to eat breakfast but has always been willing to drink it!

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