We are Taking The #LEGODUPLO 30 Days of Play Challenge


I believe that children learn about the world and prime for themselves for future achievements when they play. Play can enhance social skills, fine motor skills, spatial awareness and more. But all play activities are not equal. Watching TV for few hours is too passive to provide the benefits needed.  Engaging them in a rigid activity where they cannot express their creativity will not encourage certain skills to develop. A balance is needed!

You can reach this balance when your child plays with blocks. Playing with blocks can enhance fine motor skills, classifying skills, creativity, counting, etc. These reasons brought me to signed up for this amazing blog tour: LEGO® DUPLO® 30 Days of Play Challenge.  I am so excited that our site was selected for this challenge!

For those who have never used LEGO® DUPLO®, here is a bit about them:

  • LEGO® DUPLO® preschool building toys are specially designed for the small hands and big imaginations of children aged 1½ – 5 years. DUPLO bricks are twice the size of standard LEGO bricks, making them a great way to kick off a child’s building career
  • Their adventure began in 1969. They use the highest techniques to make sure that your child is safe while playing with their products
  • Did you know that a LEGO® DUPLO® brick can resist the pressure of 15kg!! or that the storage box will not break if your child climbs on it!

This information is quoted from LEGO® DUPLO® 

Let’s share some details about :The 30 Days of Play challenge:

LEGO® DUPLO® has partnered with Today’s Parent to bring you the most exciting campaign ever! Each day from February 27th through April 10th, LEGO® DUPLO® will be sharing one new way to play on Today’s Parent website.

Canadian moms: this is for you! Each day you can take the challenge with your little prince or princess for a chance to win a trip for four to a LEGOLAND® Park of your choice!  Isn’t that cool?

OurFamilyWorld and the 30 Day Challenge:

OurFamilyWorld is participating in the  LEGO® DUPLO® program by Mom Central Canada!   We received LEGO® DUPLO® products few days ago. Since then, my 4-year-old and my 10-year-old were busy playing with them and exercising their creativity.  My family and I will be sharing with you amazing ways to play!! We have already tons of pictures to share!!! Make sure to come back and check new ways to play with LEGO® DUPLO®. Who knows, it can help you win a trip to LegoLand!


Where you can find OurFamilyWorld ways to play:  You can find them in the What to do Today section, on our Facebook page, on Twitter, on Google +  and on Pinterest!

Make sure to follow us on all our social media accounts as we will be sharing funny and exciting ways to play with LEGO® DUPLO®!

Sign up for the challenge HERE!!

Disclosure – I am participating in the LEGO® DUPLO® program by Mom Central Canada.  I received compensation for my participation in this campaign.  The opinions on this blog are my own

14 thoughts on “We are Taking The #LEGODUPLO 30 Days of Play Challenge”

  1. We don’t have any Duplos but I want to get some for my son so much! I think he would love them! I cannot wait until my son is Lego age! I loved Legos when I was young!

  2. This is such a cool challenge! I miss the Lego Duplo stage. My son is into regular Legos now, and some of those pieces are miniscule! Guess who has to assemble all of them? I’ll give you a hint, it’s NOT my son! He just likes to play with them when they’re together. Still, Legos are awesome and fun!

    1. LOL Nikki!! My 10 year-old is in regular Legos too. He does not need my help anymore.. snif, snif..
      When he was 6, he did not want to assemble them! I helped him A LOT!

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