Tumzee Product Review – Making Tummy Time Happy Time!

Tumzee Product Review - Making Tummy Time Happy Time!
Tumzee Makes Tummy Time Happy Time

Thank Goodness for Tumzee!

When I received the Tumzee to test out, it was like a little piece of salvation was delivered to my front door. My daughter despised tummy time, and would scream and cry at the top of her lungs until I took her off her stomach. Having heard countless times how important tummy time is to a baby’s development, each time I gave in and took her off her tummy, I would feel a pang of guilt.

Support for Baby AND Mommy!

That all changed with the arrival of the Tumzee. This colorful, fun product completely changed the way my daughter and myself viewed tummy time. I was really excited when I received a Tumzee to test out! The Tumzee is a wedge-like foam support that babies can use for tummy time. Basically, you put your baby on his/her stomach. It has an incline which makes it easier for the little ones that don’t enjoy tummy time that much. It also has a “T” support to make sure they don’t slide down the Tumzee. The curved sides keep the baby in place, but leave them free enough to look around and reach for things.

Tumzee – An Award-Winning Product

Suddenly, my daughter loves tummy time! It was like the added support the Tumzee provided was just the help she needed to not feel uncomfortable anymore. She actually began to reach for the toys I placed in front of her rather than spend the entire time making a fuss. I also felt great, because my daughter was getting the crucial, doctor-recommended tummy time she was supposed to have, and I no longer felt like I was torturing her each time. I was also really glad that the Tumzee was made of non-toxic material and was an award-winning product.

Mommy Recommended!

Tumzee Product Review - Making Tummy Time Happy Time!

A few months later, one of my close friends had a similar experience where her son was not enjoying tummy time at all. She came over one day and placed him on the Tumzee. What a difference! Overall, I would recommend the Tumzee to any new mother whose child is not crawling yet. It will save you countless headaches and stress, and will transform what can be a difficult period into an enjoyable one. I am planning on buying a Tumzee for my friend’s baby due in July. As a mom, the best gift anyone can buy me is one that will contribute to my baby’s comfort and happiness, as well as my own peace of mind. The Tumzee definitely accomplishes all of this and more.

Tumzee is recommended by doctors, therapists. It is the recipient of the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award. The retail price is $49.99. You can connect with them on Facebook and Twitter

Disclaimer: OurFamilyWorld received a free Tumzee Product. All opinions and thoughts are ours.

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  1. While both of my kids loved tummy time I think a lot of kids would benefit from an item like this. Seems to make it a bit easier for them (and maybe more comfortable)? Thanks for sharing!

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