{Review} Tiny Love Pack & Go Mini Mobile


Tiny Love Pack & Go Mini Mobile

Tiny Love was founded in 1991 and is a multiple award-winning global toy company. They strive to create innovative and high quality products for parents and their little ones. Their aim is to help encourage baby’s development through enjoyable playtime, stimulating features and fun toys.

The Pack & Go Mini Mobile is sure to be a hit with baby! The large clip can be connected to just about anything, anywhere you go. Your favorite place to clip it is on her bouncy chair as well as her My Nature Pals Gymini! She loves the soothing noise the mobile makes when jiggled and the bright colors catch her attention and help with focusing.


  • Stimulates baby’s curiosity and senses
  • The bell-shaped wind chime makes a pleasant sound in response to touch
  • Basic patterns & bright colors attract baby’s attention
  • It easily folds away to be taken on the go

Madelyn was born with Torticollis and also has twice the amount of nearsightedness in her left eye than the average infant. She is currently six months old.  Her neck issue has pretty much resolved itself and I have noticed that she tries really hard to focus with both eyes, which is really good. The bright colors and patterns on the mobile really help her with ability to focus, the patterns are very eye catching and gets her attention so she grabs for it. She was only reaching with her right hand up until recently so I think her eye issue is getting better because she is using her left hand more!  I have been placing the mobile on the left side of her bouncy chair so she has to use her left eye more often, and that has prompted her to reach with her left hand more.

The mini mobile can be taken with you wherever you go and can clip on to just about anything you want it to!

Just for fun, I wanted to see what it would look like from a baby’s perspective so here are a couple of pictures of what your baby will see:


Here is the view from the top and an up close view of the clip.


Like I said previously, this can be clipped on to virtually anything. Along with her bouncy chair, I also clip it on to her gymini and she has a blast with it!! Here are some pictures of mobile clipped on the gymini:



She also likes to play with the mobile when it is not clipped on anything, it is a very versatile and fun toy, for sure.



It is honestly the only toy that would keep her quiet so I could take a few 6 month pictures of her!

This is perfect for babies ages 0-12 months and will enhance cognition, fine motor skills, imagination and creativity.  As you can see, my baby girl enjoys the Pack & Go Mini Mobile and I am a huge fan of it as well. This would be great for any baby to play with and is the perfect toy to grab and go when you’re a busy parent!

How to Buy:

You can purchase the Tiny Love Pack n Go Mini Mobile as well as other great baby items from the Tiny Love website and from stores that carry Tiny Love products.

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Disclosure: We received a free item to facilitate this review. Our opinions are our own.

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