{Review} Tiny Love Musical Stack & Ball Game

Musical Stack & Ball Game
The Tiny Love Musical Stack & Ball game is perfect for babies to grab on to, play with and learn with while having a blast!

Features of the Tiny Love Musical Stack & Ball Game

– 2 game levels: wide opening or narrow opening.
– Engaging electronic lights & music feedback.
– Easy-to-grasp rings that can be hooked together.
 My daughter absolutely loves the Tiny Love Musical Stack & Ball game. She grabs onto the rings and the balls, which has helped her learn how to grasp more effectively. She is only 3 months old so she has another month or two before she can really sit up and place the balls in the elephant’s head, however, Tiny Love has designed this in such a way that it is fun for baby’s of all ages! Here are some pictures of my daughter playing with it:
The top part (elephant’s head) comes off so she was hanging on to that for a little bit. Then we switched to the rings and she was able to grab on to the rings and wave them in the air.
She loves to hang on to the rings! There are plastic rings as well as fabric rings so she can learn the different textures.
The fabric rings Velcro together to create hands. They can be pulled apart, put back together and stacked back on to the toy.
There are so many options for baby to learn and have fun with this game!
Here is a view of the game fully put together:


As you can see, this game is colorful to catch baby’s attention! Each piece comes off of the main tube/base so baby can play with them together or separate. The hole at the top is large enough so baby will not get discouraged by missing too many times. I thought that was great, a wonderful way to build confidence while having fun!
Another feature of this game is the spot where the ball comes out to be retrieved again. There is a little opening on the side where the balls come out. It is convenient and easy for the child to pick up the ball and continue to put it through the tube. When they are done playing, simply close the green door and the balls stay inside of the game! Great for storage and keeping the balls together with the game.
Overall, this is a great game and toy for baby! This will help baby’s senses, cognitive learning skills, fine motor skills as well as imagination and creativity!
How to Buy:
You can purchase the Tiny Love Musical Stack & Ball Game as well as other great baby items from the Tiny Love website , on Amazon, and from stores that carry Tiny Love products.
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13 thoughts on “{Review} Tiny Love Musical Stack & Ball Game”

  1. I have to say that my 2 year old son loves to play with it too and Madelyn just watches him like a hawk! She loves the colors and loves to grab on to the rings too! Great toy for babies and toddlers!!! :)

  2. How cute!!! This makes me want another little one. Both mine are too big for this, but I have two family members who are expecting soon and this looks awesome!

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