{Review} Tiny Love On The Go Soft Clip Toys

Tiny Love Soft Clip Toys
Tiny Love Soft Clip Toys
Chloe Cow & Elsie Elephant
Looking for a way to entertain baby while on the go? Tiny Love has the cutest soft clip toys that are sure to please baby while traveling or playing at home. These toys are great for building babies cognitive skills, fine motor skills, and senses!


– Adorable little clip-toy with an all-smiles expression
– Engaging features, such as crinkly ears and jittery effect
There are many options available, the soft clip toys come in the following animals:
  • Elsie Elephant
  • Chloe Cow
  • Lilly Lamb
  • Harry Hippo
  • Frankie Frog
Review of Tiny Love On The Go Soft Clip Toys
We were sent Chloe Cow and Elsie Elephant and my little Madelyn loves them both! When you pull the animal down and release it, it jiggles and makes a rattle noise that is soothing to babies. The vibration scared her at first but after a while she really started to like it and now she smiles when she hears and sees the toys!


As you can see, they are large enough for babies to reach out and grab them with ease. The bright colors and jingle sound with it vibrates make this toy especially fun! The toys even have crinkly ears so they can feel another texture and hear a different sound. These are really great for enhancing their senses.
From 2-4 months baby will like to watch and listen to the toy. Babies will start to reach and bat at the toys to prepare for grabbing. My little one also coos at the toys as if she is having a conversation with them.
From 4-10 months the toy is best when clipped onto the car seat or some other place it can be clipped to so baby can grab and pull at it.
The toys encourage babies to grasp, grab, reach and bat at toys and when the toy makes noise and jiggles, it makes baby want to do that more, thus, enhancing their skills! It is great to watch her learn and the toys are easy enough for my 23 month old to work them and entertain her too.
We love these toys! They are entertaining and fun, make a pleasant sound and my daughter has learned to grab already!
How to Buy:
You can purchase the soft clip toys as well as other great baby items from the Tiny Love website, on Amazon and from stores that carry Tiny Love products.
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