Reading Eggs: The Fun and Exciting Way to Teach Kids to Read #ReadingEggsUS

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Reading Eggs. Check out how this wonderful learning app offers a great way to teach kids to read.


My daughter just started Kindergarten this year, so she is still in the early stages of learning to read. While she’s got a pretty good handle on it- she’s smart like her mom, after all!- I am always looking for creative and fun ways to really help her master literacy. Reading is so important to my kids’ futures and I want to make sure they have all the tools they need to succeed in life.

I try to make sure my daughter has plenty of opportunities to read. We make regular trips to the library to pick out new books. I encourage her to help out in the kitchen, which helps her skills when she reads recipes and ingredients to me. Now, I added a new great tool to my literacy arsenal: Reading Eggs!

Reading Eggs: Teach Kids to Read the Fun Way


Reading Eggs is an engaging online learning tool that helps teach kids to read and master literacy skills. From letter recognition to parts of grammar, kids ages 3-13 get a rich educational experience with a heavy dose of fun. Kids just learning to read visit the Reading Eggs section, while older kids use Reading Eggspress to build on their skills. They even have a section called MathSeeds to help kids master their math skills.


Since my daughter is still in the early stages of reading, we logged into Reading Eggs. This part of the site features 120 lessons to teach kids to read and 96 lessons to help with spelling. My daughter and husband curled up together to spend quality time exploring the site. Take a look at this video to see Reading Eggs in action.

As you can see, my little princess had a great time learning to read with Reading Eggs! She’ll definitely be using it often in the future. She is trying to build up her Egg rewards to decorate her house just right. Reading Eggs has a 60-question test that measures your child’s skills, so they can start out at the right level.  I love this feature because it means your child won’t spend time doing lessons on things she’s already mastered. Kids get bored when they’re not challenged, so it’s great that they can easily skip these lessons.

Read-to-Cure with a Free 5-Week Subscription to Reading Eggs


Right now, you can get a FREE 5-WEEK SUBSCRIPTION to Reading Eggs, no credit card required. This gives you time to really try out the program and see how amazing it is. It also gives your child plenty of time to participate in the Read-to-Cure Challenge!

Now through March 7th, Reading Eggs is challenging kids to read as many books as they can. With a library of over 1,000 books, your child will have plenty of material to help complete the challenge. The Read-to-Cure Challenge raises funds to help The National Children’s Cancer Society raise money towards their mission to improve life for kids with cancer. Reading Eggs is trying to raise $25,000 for NCCS. Sign up for the Reading Eggs free trial, then have your kids set a goal. Sponsor their efforts and ask family and friends to do the same. All money raised goes to the NCCS, and Reading Eggs matches all donations.


To make it even more exciting, your child has a chance to win one of six great prizes. Three prizes go to the kids that raise the most money and three to those who read the most books and complete the most lessons.


We’re also hosting a giveaway for Reading Eggs right here! Enter below on the Rafflecopter form for a chance to win an iPad mini! All you have to do is sign up for and activate the free trial of Reading Eggs between 1/20/2014 to 3/7/2014 with their name, child’s name and postal address. One winner will take home the iPad Mini, valued at $299.99.

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What do you do to help your child learn to read and enhance literacy skills?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Reading Eggs.

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  1. That’s great that they have a test to make sure your child starts where they should. It’s very frustrating when programs (and people) think they know my child’s abilities based on her age!

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