Pieces of History: Parade of Animals Puzzle Review

I love it when baby gear and toys can function as more than one thing.  Kids grow out of their gear and toys so fast so it makes the item so much more valuable to this frugal mom when they can serve multiple purposes.

The Pieces of History: The Parade of Animals  is a multi-purpose puzzle. It’s a puzzle and an educational toy in one and is recommended for ages 8 and up. The artwork on this item was commissioned from painter Rachel Land. Once the 300-piece  is finished, it’s time to look for all the hidden icons within the scenery.

Included is a beautifully detailed key of animals that explains the significance of each object found. It’s a great tool for kids to learn about and the names of the animals that are hidden. The Parade of Animals puzzle is part of the Pieces of History series of educational puzzles from Find It Games.

My Thoughts of the Parade of Animals Puzzle

It’s a beautiful puzzle of animals from all around the world and looks. It didn’t take long to get it put together but that was because me and my husband mainly did it. Our 7-year-old daughter found this puzzle intimidating. This is her first big puzzle and when she found it harder than her regular puzzles she was happy just watching us put it together. She enjoyed looking for all the hidden animals in the puzzle though.

There are 45 animals to look for. The item key lists some really great and interesting facts about each hidden animal. For instance, for the Kiwi bird, it states that it’s about the size of a chicken, but its eggs are six times larger than those of other birds its size! That’s pretty cool!

It’s a beautiful puzzle that should definitely be glued and framed, but maybe when my daughter is completely done playing with it.

I think toys that can also be used as an educational tool are awesome and I’m always more drawn to get those kind of toys for my kids.

About the Company

Find It Games was founded by Bob and Lynn Knight in 2003. It’s a company that is recognized by the best specialty retailers in the toy and game industry that first started as a fun family idea.

Where to Buy

You can buy this puzzle and all their other products online at Find It Games, national retailers such as Target, Barnes & Noble, and Hallmark as well as Amazon. You can also use their store finder to find a store near your location.

Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was received. An item was provided for free to facilitate the review. All opinions are ours.

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  1. I love how informative it is and really helps children learn. Educational toys are a big must in our lives.

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