Milk Unleashed Frees Your Milk From the Fridge #milkunleashed

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Milk Unleashed

If there is one thing we go through a ton of in this household, it’s milk! My son prefers it over just about any other beverage. In fact, where some parents have to restrict their kids’ soda drinking, I actually have to put limits on my son’s milk drinking! We run out very quickly and sometimes I find myself trekking out to the store at inconvenient times to get him yet more milk. With Milk Unleashed, though, I finally have an easy way to stock up on milk without taking up all the room in my fridge!

Benefits of Shelf-Safe Milk Unleashed

Shelf-safe Milk Unleashed has all the basic health benefits of refrigerated milk but with a ton of added convenience benefits. As far as health benefits go,each 8-oz carton of Milk Unleashed contains 8 grams of protein. Every carton also contains 9 major essential nutrients, including calcium, of course. While health benefits are a major draw, the convenience factor makes Milk Unleashed exceptionally spectacular. Think about the options! You can:

  • Easily pack milk in your child’s lunchbox without worrying about it spoiling before it makes it to the cafeteria.
  • Toss a few cartons in your favorite backpack and take them on your next road trip.
  • Keep Milk Unleashed on hand to offer your little athletes after a grueling sports practice.

Take a look at this video to learn more!

For me, one major benefit of Milk Unleashed is that I can stock up for the next inevitable power outage. Last year, we were without power for eight days!  It seems like even a slightly strong burst of wind can knock out my power, it happens so often! When that happens, I obviously can’t buy refrigerated milk, as it will go bad before even my insane milk-drinking son could finish it.

Knowing that I can buy Milk Unleashed ahead of time and keep it in my pantry is a big comfort. Even without power, I know my son will still be getting the nutritional benefits of drinking milk. Plus, I’ll know that we can all at least have healthy cereal when the oven isn’t working. I spent so much money during the outage trying to feed my family with fast food. Not healthy for us or our budget!

If you prefer your milk cold, just chill the amount of Milk Unleashed that you plan to use in any given day. I’ve actually given it to my son without chilling first, and he still loved it. Milk Unleashed is great anytime, anywhere!

Connect with Milk Unleashed

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How would you use Milk Unleashed to make getting the recommended amount of milk easier for your child?


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  1. My girls love these – particularly in the flavored varieties! They are perfect for school lunches and when we travel and might not have a fridge in our hotel room.

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