Lego Duplo 30 days of play challenge: Update

It is already Day 25 in the Lego Duplo 30 days of play challenge. For 24 days, my kids played, created, (and then destroyed) and had a lot of fun playing with Lego Duplo blocks.  For 24 days,I shared those precious moments with you here on the blog, on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Lego Duplo Challenge: A new routine


When I signed up for this challenge, I had in mind my 4-year-old princess. I wanted her to discover the magic of the Lego Duplo. It turned out that every single member of the family played with Lego Duplo. We developed a new routine in our home. Each day (except on weekends) after dinner, we took a look at the challenge of the day on Today’s Parents site and then enjoyed taking the challenge as a family. It was a great family moment.

Lego Duplo Challenge teaches siblings to play together


Some days, my 4 year old did not want to take the challenge. She just wanted to build castles or bakeries. Other days, she took the challenge and added her personal touch! When the challenge was a bit hard for her, she asked her brother for help. He was proud to help his younger sister. He felt important. He helped her with the Alphabet train. He taught her the letters and how to write her name with Lego Duplo. He practiced the counting with her. Now she recognizes the numbers from one to 10 easily. She is proud of herself and we are too.

Lego Duplo: No age limit

Some days, he did not feel like helping her. He wanted to create his own challenges without any interventions. I totally understood that. Sometimes he invited a friend over and created nice pyramids, castles or trains. Even if the Lego Duplo blocks are for ages five and younger, little man played a lot with it. There is no age limit for the Lego Duplo!

We enjoyed the Lego Duplo play challenge. We had a great family time taking it. We will continue to take the challenges whenever we can. My 4-year-old enhanced her skills: she practiced her counting, her alphabet, the colors and shapes. My 10-year- old practiced some teaching skills with his sister. He learned to be patient with her and show her things step by step. We, as parents, we had great family moments, enjoying every single creations of our children. We played with both kids, encouraged them in their play and cheered on them when they finished.


And you? How did you take the challenge? How did you find it? 

Disclosure – I am participating in the LEGO® DUPLO® program by Mom Central Canada. I received compensation for my participation in this campaign. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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