I See Me: My Very Own Pirate Tale Review

I See Me : My Very Own Pirate Tale book
I See Me : My Very Own Pirate Tale book

I See Me is such a fun online shop with tons of great books and other gifts that can be personalized with your child’s name on it. The site goes way beyond simply throwing the name on the cover and on a few generic pages throughout the book, though. They really go all out turning each story into a completely personalized adventure.  Take, for example, My Very Own Pirate Tale. Rather than presenting a tale that simply includes the child’s name in a few spots, I See Me has crafted a complete adventure around my son’s name (Jacob).

The story begins with a great pirate captain discovering a map of an island on which he can find the perfect first mate. The captain wonders who the fine sailor might be, and looks to the sea and the sky for clues. Each of the following pages contains clues related to the letters in your child’s name. For Jacob, a jellyfish talks about a joking boy, an angelfish describes him as an adventurer, and so on. The story continues all the way through his last name, until the captain has all the clues and meets Jacob on the island.

With full-color, full-size illustrations to go along with each page of text, and the engaging storyline to hold kids’ attention, the I See Me My Very Own Pirate Tale book is a great way to encourage your child to read more. I am all for anything that gets my son excited about reading, as literacy is extremely important to a successful future.

Personalized I See Me Placemats to Go Along with the Story

I See Me Placemat

Take the adventures featured in My Very Own Pirate Tale even further by getting your child a personalized placemat with the same theme. We absolutely loved the My Very Own Pirate Tale Placemat, which features vibrantly colored undersea creatures and themes. Honestly, the picture doesn’t quite do it justice. The placemat is really well made, and will definitely make healthy eating a little more fun.

Connect with I See Me

Visit I See Me on Facebook  and Twitter to keep up with all their exclusive offers. They are also on Pinterest, so stop by and pin a few of their lovely pictures.


Congrats to the winner: Tarah! 

Disclosure: We received a free sample to facilitate our review. This does not affect our opinions in any way.

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