Finding Nemo 3D Movie Review

When my son turned 3, my sister in law gave him a Finding Nemo Hide and Seek Play a Sound Book. The book featured Nemo’s story as well as 3 or 4 songs. It was fun to read! Then my husband ordered the DVD and watched Finding Nemo movie with my son! To be honest, I have never sat down to watch the movie from start to finish! Either I was folding laundry, cooking or doing something! But my son and my daughter watched it a million times!

When I was invited to Finding Nemo 3 Movie advance screening, I was excited as I will be watching Finding Nemo 3D from start to finish! My daughter was excited to watch it although she was a bit scared to watch the shark. I promised it wouldn’t be scary!

Before the Finding Nemo 3D movie starts, there’s a special Toy Story Pixar short, Partysaurus Rex, staring Rex and the whole Toy Story gang. The story takes place in a bathtub where the characters flood the house while dancing. It is hilarious. Here is a preview.

Finding Nemo 3D:  what sets it apart

Finding Nemo is a great family movie featuring an overprotective dad clown-fish Marlon and his adventurous son Nemo! It is a stunning underwater experience with beautiful images. The colors are vivid without being aggressive. There is so much attention to details: you can see fish scales, underwater creatures, ocean algae moving! I felt I was diving in the ocean.
I have watched 3D films in the past and my kids were afraid because the characters popped out! They are a bit intrusive for little ones! Older kids may like this intrusion but little ones may be scared. Finding Nemo 3D is different: there is no intrusion! You will be living IN the film! The characters will not pop out. They will have the 3D aspect though: you will see the depth, amazing details you won’t see in a regular movie!

I have watched few parts of the regular Finding Nemo. It was a great movie but the 3D version is way better! It is a unique experience in the underwater world. It makes me want to take some diving lessons to discover more about these creatures.

Final thoughts

Finding Nemo 3D:It is a beautiful experience for little ones and older ones! Don’t miss it! Watch this movie trailer!


Finding Nemo” 3D is rated “G” and hits theaters everywhere on Friday, September 14th.



 Disclosure: I screened Finding Nemo 3D for review purposes. All opinions are my own. All the pictures are courtesy of Disney and Pixar movies.





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