Diggin: Wobble Deck: The Electronic Balance Challenge is an activity for all.

Digging Wobble Deck

The Diggin: Wobble Deck from Imagine Toys  helps everyone work on their balance and inner core strength.  The kids love the funny sounds and games. I love how much exercise the kids are getting while having a great time.

There are multiple modes to make playtime more challenging:

  • Freestyle – Make your own music to three background beats
  • Wobble Mania – Match colors, numbers and sounds
  • Wobble Match – Remember and match instructions




And it is not easy!  The sound effects, which range from the guitar, drums, toot, crash, and bring! keep the kids laughing.  The idea is to keep your balance while tilting in different directions to create a new noise.  My six-year-old son loves balancing backward.  My four-year-old daughter does not.  The game of keeping your balance and making different sounds lasted over thirty minutes.  We did this after dinner when there is always a little more energy to drain before the bath-story-bedtime routine. My four-year-old daughter holds my hand to balance.  She likes to lean to the guitar side and not backward to the piano because that it a hard position.  We enjoyed the first setting: Freestyle – Make your own music to three background beats


Changing modes on the Diggin: Wobble Deck:

When you change from Free-style to Wobble Mania the directions come from a woman’s voice. If you succeed you go to the next level.  If you make one mistake you do not move on.  I like this feature because my six-year-old son has not advanced yet to Level Two.  Therefore he will have continued interest in this game.


Day Two:


By seven o’clockin the morning, my six-year-old son was back on Diggin: Wobble Deck!  He had not advanced from the night before.  My two children took turns this morning after breakfast.  The physical play was channeled and they were active for over thirty minutes.


Day Three:

Now the toy is in my daughter’s room. Today she put the game to Free-Style mode and showed me how she balances.

“I do it myself!” she says as she follows the instructions and leans in all five directions unassisted.  She continued to play by herself for at least another twenty minutes.

Later that day my son was playing again and this time he was using the Wobble Match mode.

“This level is hardest mom. I have to match the sounds and the lights from the instructions.  Sometimes I can’t get both done in time.”

Are you enjoying it?” I ask.

Yeah. At first I thought it was easy, but then I saw that I have to listen to the instructions.  Getting to the next level is pretty hard, but I’ll get it.”



How to Buy:

You can purchase the Diggin: Wobble Deck HERE ! It retails for $49.95. You can check out the other great toys that Imagine Toys has to offer HERE, they have toys for all ages!
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Disclaimer: Our Family World received a free Wobble Deck to facilitate this review. This does not affect our opinions in any way.

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  1. What a great site that I never knew about. I have twin nephews that will be 18 months old when Christmas arrives this year. This site has a ton of great ideas!

  2. My daughter is really into doing what mommy does right now and so I would want to get her the “Veggie Basket” because every time i’m in the kitchen making breakfast, lunch or dinner she is right there watching me.

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