Day 3 of #LegoDuplo Challenge: Roll n’ Bowl

For the day 3 of the LegoDuplo Play challenge, the challenge was: Roll n’Bowl. It is about building pins that stand up tall. Then roll a car to knock them down! On each pin or tower we add a number from 1 to 5 and organize them! I did not take this challenge with my princess. I was attending a anti-bullying show with my son.

So after they finished eating and cleaning the table, father and daughter sat side by side playing! It is becoming part of our daily routine: playing with LegoDuplo each night after dinner! My daughter is always eager to play with her blocks. She is requiring less TV moments which I love it! We love these precious moments with our kids.

Highlights of this Day 3 Roll n’Bowl

Since I was not home to play with her, I asked my husband how the challenge went and this is what he noticed:

1- she is ready for school now!! She recognized the numbers (1 to 5) quickly. It was a nice surprise for him. He was so proud of her and me too! The numbers were involved in the Day 2 challenge : Dot-to-Dot. With this Roll n’Bowl, this learning improved!

2- She had fun adding the top parts on the towers! Even if the challenge did not need so, she wanted to decorate them and make them her own! It is cute and it improves her fine motor skills

3- She insisted on building a house next to the tours. She wanted to do it her own way which I totally love: It encourages creativity.

We are really loving this challenge because it helps my daughter in so many ways. It creates great family moments where we as parents take the time to play with our children!! This is so important.

 Now let’s take a look at her creation!


And you? Did you have the time to play with your child? Did you create something with them! Share with us your ideas. We would love to see them! Maybe you can win a trip for 4 to LegoLand.

Disclosure – I am participating in the LEGO® DUPLO® program by Mom Central Canada.  I received compensation for my participation in this campaign.  The opinions on this blog are my own.

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