Book Review: Healthy Snacks with Blue!

Title: Healthy Snacks with Blue!

Author: J-P Chanda

Published by: Simon Spotlight


This is a children’s fiction book featuring Nick Jr.’s Blues Clues, recommended for ages 4-8. The story is based on a special assignment the teacher gives to Blue and his fellow classmates. They are to bring their favorite healthy snacks to share with the rest of the class on their first Healthy Snack Day. Blue had to narrow down her favorite snacks with the help of her friends, which emphasizes problem-solving. They then take a trip to the market for Blue to pick up all of the ingredients for her snack.

My Review

What I liked was that they included details about texture, color, and size of some of the fruits he used. It would’ve been nice if they would’ve included some vegetables in the market but further along in the book, they do show vegetables bought in by other students.

I did like that they included a food that Blue had never tasted before. I believe this encourages our little picky eaters  to try new foods because they might end up liking it! It was good to see only healthy snacks mentioned throughout the book.

My 5 year old really enjoyed all of the illustrations. He also noticed that even Blue washes his hands before handling any food! A big plus was the teamwork involved in the preparation of the snack. My son was able to make the connection that they help eachother prepare snacks just like we do at home.

The illustrations of the snack presentation in the class was very well done. They included a variety of healthy snacks as well as plates and utensils & a salad tong which demonstrates the proper way of preparing and eating a snack to little ones (as opposed to putting their hands in the bowls to grab the food). My little guy did ask me why the characters didn’t wash their hands before eating their snacks like they do in his class.

He really enjoyed listening to the character’s opinions of the snacks. All in all, I feel that this is a great book that shows children that it’s fun to try new foods and eat healthy snacks!

You can have a copy of the book on AMAZON! Have fun reading.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of the book. All opinions are mine.

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  1. Wow! Great review, this book seems to be really nice, I think I1m going to purchase it, it would be a great gift for my 5yrs old son. I think it is a good way to educate our youth to the healthy nutrition.

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