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Whenever Olfa tells me that we have a new free game app to review for Big Fish, I know I’m in for a late night! Thank goodness she tells me on Friday, otherwise I’d never be able to get up in the morning to take my son to school! Just like with Panda Pandamonium, I was up until 2am two nights in a row playing the brand new Gummy Drop free game app! This fun game may look familiar at first with its match-3 basis, but trust me, it’s not like any other game you’ve played!

Gummy Drop Free App Review: A Whole New Experience!


What makes Gummy Drop so special? Let me count the ways! First, though, a bit about the game. Gummy Drop is, as I said, a match three game at its heart. It’s easy to pick up the rules because they’re familiar. Simply match three or more of the same color gummy to clear them off the board.


Like other games of this nature, when you match four or more you get special gummies that can wipe out entire lines, all of the same color or huge sections. Clear the challenges for each board and you’ll earn your reward.  That’s really where the similarities between Gummy Drop and other match-3 games end.


What makes Gummy Drop different is all the fun challenges that pop up. As you advance in levels, you’ll see mystery boxes drop that give you access to new bonuses and other prizes.


You’ll also find great boosts along the way! I’m on level 20 now and already unlocked four different boosts ranging from those that clear a single gummy to some that can clear an entire line or more. I like to save up my boosts for the hard levels.


Throughout the game, daily challenges will pop up to let you earn extra coins. You only have so many hours to complete these daily events. Typically, they will involve going back to an older level and getting a higher score. Wondering what those coins do? Here is one of my favorite parts of Gummy Drop: you can use those coins to buy boosts! That’s right: you can EARN boosts, rather than just buying them with real money. Run out of moves and just need to clear a couple more tiles? Buy 5 extra moves for 150 coins! Of course, you can do in-app purchases to get even more, but I love that I have an option that doesn’t cost me a dime!


Another fun part of the game is building different monuments and landmarks. You’ll have to go back over older levels to finish building. Once you do finish, you can find fun facts, like that one above! I hope I never run into that spider! Each level is actually three levels. Beat it once, then go back and do it again on medium difficulty, then one last time on hard difficulty. If I get frustrated with a higher level, I go back to an earlier one to finish it out.

With so many different little challenges, Gummy Drop never gets boring. In fact, I wish I could go play it right now! As soon as I finish working for the day, I’ll be curling up on my couch for a few rounds. Check out the video to learn more, then go download it in the App Store today!

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45 thoughts on “Tour the World with Big Fish Gummy Drop Free Game App #theworldsgonegummy”

  1. I haven’t played this sort of game – I know they’re addicting, but one day I’m sure I’ll fall in. THis one looks nice enough… :)

  2. Must. Not. Download. Seriously– I get too carried away with computer games and waste too much time playing with them that could be productive. I recently zapped all of them off my phone and tablet.

  3. I love games like this. These are great for passing time when you are waiting for a appointment or just to relax. Thanks for sharing i will try it today.

  4. I get totally addicted to games like this – going in phases where I will play one continuously for weeks or months at a time. This looks like one I could really get into. – Katy

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