Back to school is made easy with Lovable Labels

As working parents of 2 young children,  our schedules are very busy: between work, kids activities, house chores, we barely find the time to relax. When the back to school season is around, we feel more overwhelmed. We have to buy the school supplies, organize the schedules for the activities, buy new clothes, shoes, etc!!
Kids are happy to go back to school to meet their friends but we find ourselves exhausted.One of the challenging and time consuming back to school chore is labeling all the kids belongings: from outdoor outfits to shoes, lunch boxes, school items. The first time I had to do this, I thought I was living a nightmare. It took me hours to do this.
Each year, I kept doing it, with the help of my mom. But few weeks after labeling the back to school items, we could not read the name anymore. The labels were not waterproof . I had to redo all this!! The labels were not tough and durable as we expected.When I had the opportunity to review Lovable Labels Back to school pack, I was delighted!! No more writing names on the stickers!!

More about Lovable Labels

Lovable Labels is founded by a mom who found herself in the middle of a problem. When she took her son to childcare, she was asked to label all his belongings!! That’s how this amazing company began.

Lovable Labels provides beautiful and quality labels. They have a wide variety of back to school packs from Back to school girly to back to school radical red. Every kid will be pleased and every parent will be reassured. These labels are safe as they are dishwasher, microwave, waterproof safe and more!! They are safe for our little ones. My son chose the Back to school nautical blue with the hockey stick theme.

Back to school Pack
Each Back to School pack has 165 labels for only $44.95.It comes in a cute little notebook so the sticks are kept together and safe.
The pack includes:•15 Regular Sticker Labels
•80 Slimline Sticker Labels
•48 Press n’Stick Clothing DOTS
•12 Shoe Labels
•2 Mini-Metal Tags (two 20mm Double S rings incld)
•12 Square Labels

My review of Back to school Nautical blue

To be honest, my son is not a sticker junkie. He adds stickers to his back to school items because I ask him to do so. When we received the pack, he was not ecstatic about it!! But when we unpacked it and saw all the sticks with his name on it, he was delighted. He could not get enough of them.First he labeled his hockey stick with the thick label. He was proud to have his name on his stick: Like a professional player he said!!I even added labels to his hockey skates. The shoe sticks are very easy to put. They stick immediately and no ironing is needed.
Hockey stick
Then we labeled his school items with the slimline sticker labels. I find they are a great fit for any tiny or large school items. We can see his name easily. They are tough and resistant.My favorite use was labeling his outdoor outfits with the Press n’Stick lablels. I peeled of the sticker and put it. No ironing is required. You can use it on any garment or clothes. I will definitely use it for his snow suit because he keeps losing his snow pants.
Scool supplies
Lovable labels are perfect for any occasion. I mainly used it for Back to school items but you can use it for camping items, parties. etc. I saved some labels for some of his favorite books or Wii-games. I loved Lovable Labels. I am sure you will do!!You can chose from their large selection of back to school items so head over Lovable Labels and choose yours now.
Disclaimer: The product in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting the review. All opinions expressed in the review are my own and not influenced by monetary compensation.