Aeromax Astronaut Space Pack Water Toy Review


The Aeromax Astronaut Space Pack features ($15.95 and Ages 5+)

The Aeromax Astronaut Space Pack water toy comes equipped with a backpack that fills with 1 liter of water. It is connected to a water gun and when you pump, the water shoots up to 30 feet away. When you squeeze the trigger and pump at the same time you can change the direction of the way the water squirts. It states that there are about 60 shots per tank and it took my son about 10 minutes to go through one tank.

My review of the The Aeromax Astronaut Space Pack

My 6-year-old son absolutely loved playing with the water toy. He has a great imagination so he was pretending to squirt the “bad guys” in our yard. I told him to aim for the crazy woodchucks, but they were in hiding at the time!  The backpack is adjustable and was very easy to adjust to my skinny little man so he could run around the yard with it.
It was very easy for him to operate. He easily learned how to pump the water gun as well as pull the trigger so the water changed directions. I did have to fill it up for him so every time he runs out, he brings it in the house for me to refill it. I feel like it is constantly coming in for refills but I understand that it can’t be too large of a backpack since a child has to carry it full of water.  So I didn’t mind.
He has so much fun playing with this water toy  in our backyard. He loves to do reviews with me and always likes to make sure people see what the product can do. Here are some pictures that we took of him demonstrating how to use the toy:
Showing how to pump the gun to make the water squirt straight ahead.


Here he is showing how the make it squirt in different directions. You have to pump and pull the trigger at the same time.


Here he is showing how it squirts the water.


Overall, we absolutely love the Aeromax Astronaut Space Pack water toy. It is a fun toy and is great for the summer! My son gives it two thumbs up!!

About the Company
The company began 15 years ago, by president Mark Levine, with only one toy, the Aeromax 2000 Tangle Free Parachute. Today, the product line contains over 300+ items and the company has earned every top toy industry award. The company is notable and understands that charitable giving is important. They have donated thousads of units to Kids Wish Network as well as Kids In Distressed Situations (K.I.D.S). Learn more about them at

Where to buy this water toy

Why wait? Have fun with Aeromax toy.  BUY IT TODAY on the company’s site or on AMAZON. 
Disclosure: a free item was provided to facilitate the review. No monetary compensation was received. 

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