Canadian Better Living Shares the Secrets of Where Food Comes From #WhereFoodComesFrom

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Ever wonder where  food comes from? Oh sure, you know that beef comes from cows, corn from fields and honey from bees. I’m not talking about the actual plant or animal source. I’m talking about where it really comes from!


It’s not enough for me to know that my corn is grown in a field somewhere. I want to know where that “somewhere” is, what the farmers do to take care of it. How do they make sure it’s safe for my consumption? What are they doing to make sure their farm is a sustainable farm capable of feeding future generations without wreaking havoc on the environment?

Who better to give information about where food comes from than the farmers themselves? They know their processes and way of life better than anyone. Scientists, analysts, public relations specialists and other agencies can share what they learned with the rest of us, but farmers share what they know!

Canadian Better Living Shares Where Food Comes From


If you’re like me and want to hear directly from the farmer, you can’t miss CTV’s Canadian Better Living at noon this Saturday, September 21. The show is airing a special on agriculture as told directly from Canadian farmers. Canadian Better Living spoke with BASF, a leader in the farming industry. BASF invited typical regular consumers like you and I out to their farms for a close-up look at what they do. Consumers had the chance to ask farmers their questions directly. These discussions were done to help bridge the gap between our perceptions of farming and the reality behind the challenging yet rewarding life.  The conversations were filmed as part of a YouTube series. You can check out that series here:


During the Where Food Comes From special on CTV’s Canadian Better Living, host Val Cole talks to BASF Business Director, Scott Kay, about the questions and concerns consumers have regarding the world of agriculture. Scott talks about the YouTube series and how important it is to bring consumers and farmers together. Aside from getting answers to burning questions, viewers of the series can also get a close look at the machines that go into where food comes from.You can even find out the complete profile of ingredients that are being grown in Canada! Thing of it as a backstage pass to farming. Check out more on BASF Canada by visiting:


  Tune in to CTV on Saturday at noon and find out where our food comes from!

7 thoughts on “Canadian Better Living Shares the Secrets of Where Food Comes From #WhereFoodComesFrom”

  1. This is so cool! I really wish I were Canadian right now (and, well, for other reasons but that’s not what your post is about!) It’s so difficult in the US to find out where our food comes from, what is in it, how it was grown or raised, and so on. That is precisely why I have all intentions of growing enough produce next spring and summer to feed us all season and still have some left to jar to keep us fed and healthy in the winter months. I’m pretty excited about it.

  2. As my husband and I are becoming more aware of where our food (or foodlike products) are coming from the more concerned we’ve become. It’s time to move to a farm and do it ourselves… almost. I’m writing this down… looks like a good one to watch!

  3. This sounds like it’ll be super informative! Its kind of scary to think how many things in our environment (and even things we put into our bodies) we really have no clue where they come from or what they are made of. I’m always eager to find out.

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