5 Possible Effects of Stress & How to Cope With Them

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April is National Stress Awareness month and to mark the occasion, I’m sharing common signs of stress you may have never heard of! Check them out to learn more!

Modern life is fast-paced and it’s common to feel stressed from time to time.

Many of us worry about work, school, money, love – even the pressure to destress can become a stressor.

April is National Stress Awareness month and to mark the occasion, I’m sharing common signs of stress you may have never heard of!

5 Possible Effects of Stress that May Surprise You

April is National Stress Awareness month and to mark the occasion, I’m sharing common signs of stress you may have never heard of! Check them out to learn more!

1. It can affect your hair growth

Many factors can impact healthy hair, including stress. Seriously!

Stress plays a significant role in three different types of hair loss. When you’re stressed out, your body releases certain hormones and chemicals. Those chemicals can actually cause your hair to go into a resting state, making it more prone to breaking or falling out when you’re combing it, according to the Mayo Clinic.

If your hair could use some support, a nutritional supplement like Priorin can help improve hair growth. It has been shown to provide fuller, thicker and stronger hair in as early as 12 weeks, so you know you aren’t tossing your money away on a quick-fix product.

2. It can cause bathroom trouble

Both constipation and diarrhea are common signifiers of stress, but just because it’s common doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it.

Drinking lots of water and eating high fiber foods are good first steps.[i]

If you’re experiencing occasional constipation, a mild laxative can help get your body back to its normal rhythm. RestoraLAX is an osmotic laxative that works with water to help soften stools and increase the frequency of bowel movements.

Check out this summary chart to find out which laxative is right for you. Visit their website today for a trial offer.

3. It can make you breakout

Skin conditions like acne, itchy skin or rashes can be related to an inflammatory response caused by stress. [ii] Your skin is an immediate stress perceiver, which basically means it’s on the frontlines of your battle with stress.

Take time to pamper and care for your skin when you’re going through a stressful period.

Try a DIY face mask for some low-cost luxurious pampering you can do at home.

4. It can increase your chances for a yeast infection

Many women are prone to yeast infections when they’re experiencing stress or major life changes, like planning a wedding, losing a job or moving to a new home. [iii]

Around 75 per cent of women will experience it at least once in their lives, while many women may suffer from recurrent VYI’s. [iv]

Luckily treatment for a yeast infection is readily available. Some treatments, like CanesOral Combi-Pak, are single-dose oral treatments that can be taken anytime and anywhere. The Combi-Pak also comes with an external cream for fast relief of external itching and burning.

5- It can literally make you sick

If you often get colds and flus, your stress levels may be to blame.

Your brain and immune system are in constant communication, which means that a psychological change can cause physical symptoms. [v] Diet is an important factor in bolstering your immune system, so take extra care to get the vitamins and nutrients you need.

The bottom line is that occasional stress is a normal part of life, but given the effect it has on our body, making an effort to reduce stress is worth your time.

Talk to your doctor about ways you can help manage your stress, like a change in diet, increased exercise and relaxation techniques.

Do you ever feel like stress is taking over your life? Tell me some of the ways you cope with day-to-day stress.

This post is sponsored by Bayer®. To make sure Bayer® products are right for you, always read and follow the label.


27 thoughts on “5 Possible Effects of Stress & How to Cope With Them”

  1. Jennifer Williams

    My husband would always get sick right after stressful times when we were teens and in college – finals week, etc. It took me years to convince him that his body “crashes” and he becomes vulnerable.

  2. Jonalyn Macandili-Mendoza

    I agree with your post however this is my first time to learn about the possible effect of having some yeast infection. Definitely stress gives a not so good impact to our bodies.

  3. I agree with your post stress was bad for us and it can affect on our daily routine too I feel like I don’t want to do something and lay in the bed.

  4. I couple years ago I learned how high amounts of stress and anxiety can affect ones body. I was in denial, but everything you listed here has happened to me or someone I love.

  5. Geraline Batarra

    Very interesting and informative topic. Stress is always there and we cannot escape from it what we need to do is to learn on how to handle it.

  6. I ahve been experience stress all the time because of work and I never knew about these. Stress is really a big problem to all of us.

  7. Cecilia C. Cannon

    stress is so bad for you and I agree it can cause all of this, it is crazy how we still have trouble controlling it.

  8. Stress is bad for our mental and physhical health. Last year was a stressful year for me. I was surrounded by negative thoughts.

  9. Stress is a huge source of health issues, which is why it’s important that we learn how to get rid of it as soon as we feel it. I think it’s really something people should work on because it can affect our health greatly.

  10. Stress is a big problem for most people nowadays. I’ve been affected by most of these, being a man, have no idea on others

  11. Heather Castillo

    Yep, I’m pretty sure I’ve suffered from most of these. Once I left my job and my stress level decreased, these problems seemed to lessen.

  12. Stress can cause so many health complications. I have always gotten sick when I have been too stressed out.

  13. I think stress can be a part of anybody’s life. What you do with that stress is what makes the difference. There are days that I don’t think I can handle the stress that I have and then there are days that I feel really strong. It is definitely something I have to work at regularly!

  14. I hate stress and the side effects it can cause. I know it can cause so many things and is always worth trying to stay away from stressful situations.

  15. Doria Miyata Murphy

    I grew up in a very high-stress family and it’s something I have to keep in check to this day. I’ve used a combination of therapy, medication and breathing exercises over the years. ;)

  16. I keep stress under control by faith in Christ. When problems start to feel way to big I know I’m focusing way to much on them. When I started stressing I start focusing on techniques to help me relax and meditate.

  17. Oh man, I hate when I get stressed. It doesn’t happen too often, but when it does, it certainly isn’t pleasant. Chocolate helps me to calm down. And a good book.

  18. Stress effects our over all health and for some people who can’t handle stress as much as others can become a real problem. Really bad if your diabetic.

  19. Tasheena N. Womack

    I really enjoyed reading this post. These are really helpful tips. It’s so easy for stress to take over ones life.

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