PediaCare® Celebrates 30 Years of Easing Your Child’s Colds & Pain #keepkidshealthy

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We’re excited to work with PediaCare® to help them celebrate 30 years of dedication to easing children’s pain and cold symptoms! All opinions, of course, are our own.


Ever since my son was a baby, he’s been almost impossible to medicate. I mean, this child has gone to extreme measures to avoid taking medicine! Fortunately, PediaCare® has always been one of the very elite few that he will actually take. With him, like many children, it all comes down to taste.

Honestly, can you blame them? As adults, we pretty much just need to pop a tablet in our mouths and swallow. Most of our medications have no taste, at least not one that lingers. Even when our meds do taste bitter, we’re adults. We can generally handle it. Give a child something that tastes nasty and you might as well have just taken away their puppy- you’ll get the same reaction of complete and utter despair. When you understand the fact that kids have more taste buds than we do as adults, it’s understandable.

PediaCare® : Dedicated 100% to Children for 30 Years

PediaCare® is celebrating 30 years as being a brand that is 100% dedicated to kids. Since the beginning, they’ve provided medications for colds, fevers and pain that have tastes geared towards kids. Look, no medicine is every going to taste exactly like candy. It probably shouldn’t anyway, as a safety measure. But medicine that tastes better is definitely easier to administer than medicine that tastes despair. I’m just grateful that they make it taste good enough to get it into my son! No mom wants to see their little one zonked out from a cold like this:



While PediaCare® has an incredibly extensive line of liquid medications, they also just launched a brand new product: PediaCare® ® Smooth Melts™ Fever Reducer/Pain Reliever. The tablets contain acetaminophen to relieve pain and fevers. Each bottle contains 24 chewable tablets and clear dosing guidelines. Plus, they’re scored, so you can break them in half if you need to, and store the other half in the bottle.


The new PediaCare® Smooth Melts™ Fever Reducer/Pain Reliever and other PediaCare® products are available nationwide at Rite Aid and on

To help you even more when your kids aren’t feeling well, PediaCare® has partnered with pediatrician and father, Dr. David Hill, author of Dad to Dad: Parenting like a Pro. Together, they’re bringing you informational videos offering tips for what to do when your child gets sick.

To view more of Dr. Hill’s videos, visit the PediaCare® YouTube page:


For more information aboutPediaCare® and the full line of products, please visit, or follow them on Facebook at and on Twitter at@PediaCare.

PediaCare® Giveaway

Enter below for a chance to be one of 15 people to win a PediaCare® care package that will include assorted PediaCare® products and a book (ARV $75). Giveaway ends Tuesday October 21 and is sponsored by PediaCare®.

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What is your biggest challenge when it comes to medicating your kids? This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of PediaCare®.

31 thoughts on “PediaCare® Celebrates 30 Years of Easing Your Child’s Colds & Pain #keepkidshealthy”

  1. I have used OTC products for the kids for years, pain killers for earaches or other pains, and fever pills like Aleve/Tylenol/Ibuprofen.

  2. That is a great giveaway and I’m entered. Thanks for hosting. Pediacare is a great thing to have in the house, esp. this time of year when you know the ugh bugs are going to find their way in.

  3. These seem like they would definitely work much better for kids. Especially the ones who just don’t want to swallow the liquid or like to spit it out. Having something that dissolves in their mouth not only helps keep some of the meds in their system easier, it also helps them get the benefits much quicker.

  4. I haven’t seen PediaCare Smooth Melts in stores yet but I will definitely have to pick them up! What a great product for children. My daughter doesn’t get sick often *knock on wood* but I know that this is a medication she wouldn’t have a problem taking.

  5. This is my first time hearing of this brand. I will have to get some to have on hand since the weather has been changing. My youngest is prone to getting colds when the weather changes just like me.

  6. I use acetaminophen whenever my kids are sick. It really takes care of their fever, and helps them get the rest they need so their little bodies can repair.

  7. It’s always so hard when the kids get sick. I used to have to be so careful with my daughter to keep her fever down because her fevers always triggered night terrors. It was not fun :-(

  8. Fortunately my family stays pretty healthy, so I don’t keep a lot of medicine on hand, but what a great product for getting little ones to take something without a lot of fuss.

  9. When I was a kid, the taste was also far too important to me. I couldn’t handle pain medication that tasted bad… wish they had this back then where I lived!

  10. we like to get that purple childrens cold medicine when the kids are under the weather, and my husband swears by it…..for himself. lol That is exactly what he wants when he is sick.

  11. My daughter takes an OTC allergy med and it’s great.
    I like to have fever and tummy meds on hand at all times.
    No running out when the kiddo isn’t well.

  12. My son would get fevers and OTC really helps. His fever reduced in two days. I didn’t have to rush him to doctor office. And OTC is so affordable.

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