4 Fabulously Healthy Habits That Benefits Your Whole Family

It's never too late to start new healthy habits! Check out four that will benefit your entire family!

Like most of us, I bet you started off this month and the new year planning to start a ton of new healthy habits. I know I did! Then life got in the way. My son went back to school, work piled up after winter break and we all came down with nasty colds. Needless to say, our New Year’s resolutions kind of got put on hold. Here’s the thing, though: it’s never, ever too late to start again. Just pretend the last month was really just a trial run and make February 1st your new beginning! We teamed up with our partners at Church & Dwight to bring you a few great new healthy habits that everyone in your family will benefit from. Check them out!

Healthy Habits for Your Whole Family

Healthy homemade lunches

Making lunch for your family can feel like a huge chore, but buying lunch regularly is expensive and often leads to unhealthy choices. Start 2017 off right by preparing simple and delicious meals ahead of time. Doing small tasks to prep, such as cutting up vegetables on the weekend, will make the process quick and ensure healthy choices are made during the week. Getting your family involved can also make prepping food more fun and helps your children understand the importance of making healthy decisions.

Keep your hair healthy

Washing your hair too frequently can strip out natural oils and may even cause split ends. This new year, start washing your hair every second or third day to maintain healthy and natural looking locks. Using Batiste™ Dry Shampoo Original between washes will help to eliminate excess oil and grease, leaving hair looking clean and fresh with added body and texture. No water required!

4 healthy habits for your whole family

Unplug and recharge

Getting a good night sleep is always difficult. There are always new emails to be answered and a list of chores to do; however, it is important to understand the need for a good night’s sleep. Sleep can boost productivity, improve your memory and help maintain a healthy weight. This year, turn off the television, computers and smart-phones one hour earlier. If you are having trouble falling asleep, try Vitafusion™ SleepWell. Each SleepWell gummy is made with 2.5 g of Melatonin, a hormone that helps increase total sleep time.

Drink water

After a month of indulging start the year off right by challenging your family to drink more water. Try switching your evening pop, or morning fruit juice, for a large glass of water. This may be difficult for the first few days, but after a week you will feel rejuvenated and have healthier hair and skin.

Starting a new habit can be daunting! What healthy habits do you want to start this year?

This post is sponsored by Church & Dwight. All opinions are our own.

14 thoughts on “4 Fabulously Healthy Habits That Benefits Your Whole Family”

  1. Batiste is one of my holy grail dry shampoos. It’s amazing how well it works. I’m always working on drinking more water. I go through phases where I can’t get enough and others where I’m not thirsty at all.

  2. Great tips! I always pack lunches at home. It save so much money, and it is so much heathier. I also have started washing my hair less, and it is in such better shape.

  3. Cooking and Eating at home, and drinking plenty of water are definitely great ideas for healthy habits! Nothing is better than starting these routines and keeping them on the path the a healthier lifestyle.

  4. Faith Stephenson

    We started to do a healthy habit since last year, just like drinking a lot of water! this post gave me an idea to start my new healthy habit like packing healthy homemade lunch!

  5. I’ve been struggling with drinking more water for months now, but I keep trying and one of these days I will get there. I have been hearing so much about the dry shampoos, I really want to try one. I only wash my hair a few times a week, but I would love to find something that deals with that slightly greasy look you get between shampoos.

  6. I really could use some dry shampoo about now. My hair gets way to yucky after a few workouts! I need to add a bottle to my gym bag!

  7. these are all such important reminders to help all of us live our best lives! Bookmarking this post and sharing with my siblings! And yes to UNPLUGGING!

  8. I am in the market for a really good sleep aid. Sleep has been something that has not come well to me lately. I would like to find a good supplement that would help me get a good night’s sleep consistently.

  9. These are definitely great habits the whole family can adopt. I am bad about not drinking enough water, but I am getting better.

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